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    I need your advice. we have never visited west and want your advice.
    07/22/2014 will leave from Colorado spring to Salt Lake city on the way we want to visit all the scenic view, Want to take I70 insted of I 80. could you advice us what all to do on the way and enjoy. most if the activity is sight seeing

    07/24/2014 we will be leaving Salt Lake city to Las Vagas. please advice us the root that we need to take so that we will be able to enjoy the sceninc beauty. Activity to do in Las Vagas

    07/25/2014 we will leave for Grand Canyon. we want to visit Hoover Dam and Sky walk.

    07/26/2014 we will leave from Grand Canyon to Salt Lake city.
    Please advice.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm very confused by your plan. Why are you going from CO Springs to Salt Lake City, down to Vegas, and then back up to SLC?

    Why not go from CO Springs to Vegas/Grand Canyon, and then go to SLC, so you don't have to backtrack?

    One other issue with your plan that you should be aware of is that the Skywalk isn't anywhere near Grand Canyon National Park. It is on Indian lands several hours away, access is by very primitive roads, cameras aren't allowed on the skywalk, and it is also very expensive (nearly $100 per person, compared to $25 for your entire car at the National Park.)

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    Default No comparison.

    To add to the comments above.....

    There is absolutely no comparison between the west rim - Skywalk - and the National Park. Don't short change yourself. You will not have any memorabilia other than what they want to sell you.... no photos, nothing.

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