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  1. Default Which 'small town' route from Jersey City to Denver please ?

    Could someone suggest basic direction / road numbers to follow to get from Jersey City to Denver please ? Looking at the map there are several options that could be followed. Where possible I'd prefer to avoid the main Freeways and take the secondary roads through smaller towns. I will have maps / gps.

    Couple of other questions:

    I notice that sometimes a Highway has a single digit number before the actual route number - what does that denote please (eg 1-78)

    Also is the 'Stop - turn right on red if clear' rule apply throughout the USA (I understand it doesn't in NY city)

    Many thanks for any responses.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you want to take 2 lane roads from New Jersey to Denver, you don't just have several options, you actually have several million! Remember, there is no reason you have to stick to a single, or even a couple, different highway numbers. You can mix and match to find the route that works best for you. Really, US highways and State highways are the roads you are looking for. A paper map is probably your best bet in this situation, because you can see which roads are not freeways. Most electronic/GPS routes will default to finding you freeways, although a "avoid highways" is usually an option that you could look at too.

    I notice that sometimes a Highway has a single digit number before the actual route number - what does that denote please (eg 1-78)
    I suspect you aren't talking about a digit, but rather the letter I, which stands for Interstate, as in Interstate 78. Interstate Highways are America's system of freeways, that are all at least 4 lane, divided highways built to move traffic, especially truck traffic, quickly across the country. US highways are the older system of roads -like Route 66 which has been replaced by Interstates - and are often still 2 lanes, although even there some have been improved to near Interstate quality.

    Right turn on red is allowed pretty much everywhere in the US except NYC. If it is not allowed, there should be a sign saying so.

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    Default More and more.

    There are actually quite a lot of places where right turn on red is not permitted. However, as Michael stated, these are always marked with a sign saying 'No turn on red' or with a red arrow.


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    Default Connecting Lines Rather Than Dots

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sure, taking 'back' roads is my favorite way to travel and there are quite a number of good options running east-west across the northern and central U.S. You can start (once you clear the New York metro area using I-80) by taking NJ-15/US-206 up to Milford PA at the northern end of the Delaware Water Gap NRA. From there, US-6 across northern Pennsylvania is your first long-haul 'alternate' highway. Somewhere around Meadville PA you should turn roughly southwest and thread the needle between Cleveland/Akron and Youngstown. One possibility (admittedly a bit convoluted) would be: US-322/PA-58/OH-5/OH-44 down to US-30 near Canton OH. US-30 would then get you to Fort Wayne IN where you'd pick up US-24 to Hannibal MO and then US-36 across northern Missouri, Kansas, and on into Denver.

    The Interstate (I-) and 'Federal' (US-) highway numbering systems follow a few simple rules:
    1) Even numbered highways run east-west (more or less)
    2) Odd numbered highways run north-south (more or less)
    3) Numbers increase from north to south and east to west on the 'Federal' System
    4) Numbers increase from south to north and west to east on the Interstate System
    5) There is no I-50 or I-60 to avoid confusion in the middle
    6) On the 'Federal' System the first digit of a three-digit highway means that it is a spur off the main road. Thus US-206 is a spur off US-6. The exception is US-101.
    7) On the Interstate System, if the first digit of a three-digit number is even, it signifies a loop or beltway which returns to the main highway indicated by the last two digits. Thus the beltways of the east coast: I-495 (Boston), I-287 (New York), I-695 (Baltimore), etc. If the first digit is odd it indicates a spur route which does not rejoin the main highway.
    There are, of course, exceptions to all the above rules, but those are the basics.

    It used to be that there were two rules about right turns on red in the U.S.: the Eastern Rule where you could only do so if the intersection were explicitly marked, and the Western Rule where you could do so unless is was explictly forbidden. The Western Rule is now the rule except in New York City, so feel free to make that right turn after first making sure that there are no signs forbidding it and that the intersection is well and truly clear. NB: Look to your right and make sure that there are no pedestrians crossing against the light.


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    Default What a great and clear explanation.

    Wow Buck, you never disappoint. Wish I had been given such clear explanations when I first arrived. Took me years to figure out, and some of what is above, is still news to me. Thanks! I'm going to keep the link to that post. Is bound to come in handy not only for myself, but when trying to explain routes.

    I'd have to agree with so much of what is above. Have driven just about all those routes, and have great memories of all of them.

    When you get to Meadville PA, check out the garden and mural made completely of roadsigns. It is quite spectacular. A great example of recycling. Truly an eye catching display. It is right on 322, if my memory serves me correctly. Of course when I was there, I did not have a camera, but I hope to return.


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