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    We are planning a 3-week roadtrip in June 2015 (from Vancouver to San Fransisco, and back for drop-off the campervan).
    Hiring a campervan with Wicked Campers ( is al least 1.000 EUR cheaper than other campervans.
    Problem is that we read al lot of negative comments/reviews of Wicked Campers, but these review are mostly from Wicked Campers Australia. We hardly find any reviews from Wicked Camers USA/Canada + most reviews are anything but recent.

    So maybe there was a big problem with wicked campers, but I hope that they are now reliable to hire with.

    Can you please help me with this??


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    Default Caution is Urged

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    I couldn't find a whole lot about them either, so I called a friend of mine in the Vancouver area (Thanks for that, by the way, I hadn't talked to him in too long!), and he had never heard of them. Those facts in and of themselves could be either good or bad, but don't fill me with a lot of confidence. What little I could find included both good and bad comments. What people agree on is that Wicked is cheap, their vans are pretty basic, their paint schemes can politely be described as garish - all have 'clever' sayings on them not all of which are family appropriate, and they are subject to more mechanical problems than I would consider reasonable.

    All that said, the people who seem the most satisfied are younger couples with a 'sense of adventure' and few creature comfort demands. So at this point all I can tell you is to proceed with extreme caution. Remember that you are going to be taking whatever vehicle you get very far from its home base and a company like Wicked will not be able to come to your assistance everywhere (or anywhere?) that you go. If you do make a reservation with them, examine the vehicle thoroughly and do NOT accept anything that is not in good working order.


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    Default I'm with Buck - think twice.

    Whereas in Australia they seem to be the camper of choice for the traveller described above, in all my trips over many years, I have never seen one in North America. That alone would make me hesitate. I would be asking questions about what support they have in the areas you plan to take it. I would also read their contract, very very carefully.


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