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    Default Transiting USA with wine...Allowed? (Canada-USA-Canada)

    I will be driving from Southern Ontario to Alberta via USA (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana). I will stop for 3 nights in hotels in USA but otherwise am just driving through. I would like to bring approximately 30 bottles of wine with me that I purchased at various wineries in Ontario. This is all for personal consumption. No wine will be opened or left in the USA. Does anyone have any experience with transiting through US Border and Canadian Borders with this issue?

    My alternative would be simply to stay out of the USA and drive via the Trans-Canada.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Have you checked some of these FAQs? Seems there is some information there. Doesn't look to hopeful though.


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    I think you will be much better off staying north of the border for this trip if you want to transport that much wine. You should contact customs (in both the US and Canada) directly to see if there is away to do what you are looking to do, but 30 bottles is well beyond the amount you're generally allowed to bring across the border. If you tried, I suspect you'd be looking at some significant taxes, both crossing into the US and again crossing back into Canada.

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