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    Default Seattle, WA to St. Louis, MO Aug 31-Sept 6, 2014

    We are flying from St. Louis, MO to Seattle, WA on Aug 31. My son is stationed there but will be getting out of the military. We are going to make our trip back home(St. Louis area) a road trip. We plan on making the driving part (Seattle to St. Louis) in about 3 days. We would like to tent camp and at some point stay in a hotel for a nice shower and real bed. I've been thinking about going the route to see Old Faithful, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore. But what route is best at that time of year and what are some must sees? Any pointers on driving through the mountains in a Honda Accord?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default No time for anything but driving.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You would really need 3 overnight stops and 3.5 days just for the journey, plus any sight seeing. If you can't find more time than 3 days, then all you are going to do is drive all day and have no time to set up and pull down camp each day. Even with hotel stays you really are pushing beyond the limits of safety and comfort to do it in 3 days. You would really need a couple of extra days just to scratch the surface of Yellowstone. I90 would be the most direct route and your car should be just fine, providing it's mechanically sound.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I agree with Dave -- this is really a four-day drive, without sightseeing. With four days you could do a drive-down to see Mt Rushmore and a quick drive-through for the Badlands. But you definitely don't have time for Yellowstone. Just driving through it will take one full day.

    As for driving in the mountains -- as long as your car (or your son's) has been checked, you should be fine. If you are slower than the average car on an upgrade, stay in the right lane on an interstate.


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    Default Camping on public lands.

    If you are able to find the time, and you do decide to tent camp, then State Parks / Forests would be your best bet. The chances of booking a site in Yellowstone are at this late stage, pretty slim. However, there are first come first served campsites. If you are able to get into the park very early one morning you may be able to pick up one of them.

    One caution, if Labor Day is during this time, I would definitely book.


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    Default road trip photo scavenger hunt

    Has anyone done a road trip photo scavenger hunt? I just thought it might be a fun way to see sights (small or large) and a memorable way to travel. Any suggestions?? Travel will be first week of September 2014 with 23 yr and 21 yr old boys, 13 yr old girl and 45 yr old mom
    Please reply with maybe some destinations with roadside interesting sights(city and state) Oh, ya, we will be traveling from Seattle, WA to St. Louis, MO via 90 to Sioux Falls then South on 29 to Kansas City then 70 East to St. Louis
    or if there are web cites that have these done would be great.
    Susan S

    Mod note. Please keep all questions and thoughts for this trip in one thread.
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    Default On the green bar above.

    Have you thought to check out the attractions under routes and sights, on the green bar above. Some of the other menus may also have information to help you in a scavenge.


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