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  1. Default four weeks, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Smokey Mountains

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip in September. We been the US 3 times before, seen a lot of UT, NV, CA, been to Yellowstone, and Mount Rushmore, so this time we want to try something else.

    We are thinking about this route , going clockwise. We have 3-4 weeks.

    We are flying to Fort Lauderdale because it is by far the cheapest flight from Denmark.
    In Florida we want to see the everglades, Key West, Space Kennedy center, maybe a NFL match if we got time. Iím a Patriots fan, and they are playing at Miami (I think) so we are gonna see if we can make that fit.

    From Florida we are driving to New Orleans, stopping in Biloxi on the way, then drive along the Mississippi up to Hot Springs, and then spend a few days in Memphis and Nashville. Then drive to Great Smokey Mountains, and then Savannah for couple of days, read that is a nice town. Then back to Fort Lauderdale.

    As you can see, we donít have that many things in our itinerary yet. Any advice is welcome, if there is any National or State Parks we missed please say so, thatís what we love the must. Thanks.

    Sorry for the broken English.

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    This should be a lovely trip -- lots of nice things planned, and 3-4 weeks is a good amount of time. There are probably a lot of state parks along the way, and someone with far more knowledge than I will chime in to suggest some. As for national parks, unfortunately this portion of the US doesn't have a lot. You have gotten Everglades and the Great Smoky Mountain, and Hot Springs National Parks into your itinerary. The Great River Road, which you also have on your itinerary, is a great idea.

    As far as your "broken English", I had no problem reading your post at all. My only suggestion is that it's "Kennedy Space Center", rather than "Space Kennedy Center". Other than that, your English was beautiful. I only wish some native English speakers could spell as well as you!


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    Default On the Beaten Path, But Not Over Trodden

    Does this mean that your other trip is no longer an option?

    As Donna notes, you already have a lot of the larger, more popular sites listed in your itinerary, so let me just note some of the smaller ones that tend to get overlooked. Along the Gulf coast, check out Gulf Islands National Seashore. As you head north from New Orleans, try to leave the city over the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. For a good, representative Mississippi River town, head for Vicksburg which has some pre-Civil War plantation homes worth touring as well as one of that war's major battlefields. From there, head towards Jackson and get on the Natchez Trace Parkway (a destination in its own right) and drive up to Tupelo where you can visit Elvis' birth place for later comparison with Graceland. US-64 offers a scenic and relaxed drive across southern Tennessee, takes you past Shiloh (another Civil War battlefield) and still lets you get to Nashville via the Natchez Trace Parkway (again). As you head for the Atlantic coast from the Great Smoky Mountains area, there is a national park in central South Carolina that often gets missed: Congaree National Park. And you should definitely try to include Charleston SC in your plans. There you'll find Patriots Point, Fort Sumter (and a very nice ferry ride out to it), plantations along River Road, and the first successful submarine - the CSS Hunley - currently being restored. Following the coast southward, check out Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia for natural beauty, and St. Augustine in Florida for some our earliest history of colonization, and Daytona Beach for an insight into American youth culture. And there you are back at Cape Canaveral and Miami.

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    Default Off the interstates onto the scenic routes.

    During your trip you will have some great opportunities to get off the interstates and onto the some of the more scenic routes along the way. Among my favourites are 40 in FL, from Silver Springs to Ormond Beach. There is US-Alt27 from Williston to Perry FL, linking up to the interstates with US-27 at each end. And along the Alabama and Mississippi coast there is US-90, which runs almost parrallel with I-10 from Tallahassee west.


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    Thank you all for the suggestions!

    @Donna, thank you for the kind words :)

    @AZBuck, yeah my girlfriend thought it would be to cold, she doesn't want to spend her vacation in long sleeves and pants :) We save it for another time.

    @lifey, Thanks, love getting of the interstate.

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