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    Default Arkansas to MN early Sept

    We are attending our nephews wedding in central MN and are thinking of another road trip in our Miata. I thought that we might try to drive along the Mississippi river as much as possible from the Memphis area to St. Cloud MN. I have read a couple reviews of trips on this site but would appreciate any other information, tips that you all might share.


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    This sounds like a great plan -- how much time are you planning to allot to the trip? Most of the "Great River Roads" are either 2 lane or 4 lane divided, that go through small towns. Are you using motels or camping?

    I would like to recommend Hannibal, MO as a place of interest along the way, especially if you might be interested in the literature or life of Mark Twain. There are the homes of Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, and Huck Finn to poke through (fictional characters based on friends of Samuel Clemens), the Mark Twain Cave (OK, I've seen prettier caves, but this one has literature and history to back it), and a lovely museum. You could also take a 2 or 3 hour cruise on the Mississippi River, if you'd like.


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    Hannibal is a must stop on the trip as my wife and I are both fans of Twain. Any advise on routes to take or avoid? We do most of our traveling on two lane (or less) highways.

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    Between West Quincy MO and Keokuk IA, you might try taking "old 61", AKA "Busn. 61", through LaGrange, MO and Canton, MO. This will take you along the River. When in LaGrange, look for buildings on the east side of the road that have water marks on them -- that's the mark of flooding. In Canton, follow the signs to the Canton Lock and Dam. There's a park, picnic area and campground near the Dam with great views of the River. Who knows, maybe the Ferry over to IL will be running and you can ride it. Also in Canton, you can follow signs to Culver-Stockton College, historically known as Christian University, the first co-ed college west of the Mississippi River, founded before the Civil War. C-SC is up on the bluffs. There's a beautiful view of the River from the campus. Henderson Hall is on the list of Historical Buildings in the state of Missouri.


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    Thank you Donna just the kind of info I was hoping to get. At first glance I am inclined to go straight to Hannibal and then try to follow the river as closely as possible to St. Croix Falls then across MN to the wedding site. I may decide to follow the southern part of the river on the return trip as we will be returning from northern WI.

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    Default On and near the river.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    There are lots of scenic short drives along and near the river. Only recently I drove the Historic Bluff Country National Scenic Byway. It is best accessed by crossing the Mississippi at La Crosse to La Crescent. The scenic byway goes to Preston, but it is interesting to continue all the way to Dexter. Then picking up I-90 at that point.

    Along the WI shore of the river there is access to some of the locks. I well recall spending literally hours watching a huge barge being taken through the locks.... in three sections. Firstly broken into sections, and then put together again. It was a very interesting process.


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