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    I'm not sure where this would go, so feel free to relocate it.

    I'm planning a trip from Portland, OR, to Longmont, CO, at the end of July. I'll be traveling I-80 most of the way, until I can turn onto I-25 in Cheyenne. Plan to stop in the Idaho Falls area. Looking for any recommendations on places folks have stopped at for an overnight sleep. I'm especially interested in ones where I can park a 26' UHaul/Ryder/Budget moving truck easily (RV and/or semi parking kind of thing is ideal). Lower the price the better, but gotta balance that with quality.

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    Default Why add all that distance?

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Why are you planning to stay in Idaho Falls. It adds more than 100 miles to a trip which is already a stretch for two days. Have you looked at staying around Heyburn ID? That would be around half way, taking I-84 to I-80 in UT. A quick search in the RTA hotel search (to the right of this page) shows a Super 8.

    This would break the 1200 mile trip into roughly two equal days of the maximum recommended for a day's driving, and will keep you on the road for around 11 hours each day.

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    Default A tough slog.

    I have to agree with Lifey, adding extra miles to a couple of days that is already going to leave you feeling a bit beat up in a UHaul is of no benefit at all. If you have any choice in the matter, I would think about 2 overnight stops and finish your journey 2 or 3 hours out from Longmont the following morning, using Twin Falls for a first night and perhaps checking out Snake river canyon and Perrine bridge and then Laramie perhaps.

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