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  1. Default Sleeping in my car while traveling for concerts

    Within the past few months, my boyfriend and I have been traveling fairly often for various concerts, festivals, and events and have started to feel that maybe purchasing a hotel room for each event inst our best option for the following reasons:

    1) Affordable hotel accommodations are often not within walking distance of the venue in question. I have no problem with staying sober at shows if i need to drive us back afterwards, but I also don't like to drive when overly tired as I consider that to be very dangerous as well.
    2) We often don't return to the hotel room after such events until around 5 AM, which is a waste of money considering most hotels usually require check-out by 11 AM.
    3) I drive a Honda Fit which could more than comfortably accommodate 2 people sleeping in the back when the seats are folded down and the windows could easily be covered with some more-or-less inconspicuous black fabric.

    We have been attending a lot of events in MA and already had good parking places in mind for that situation, but there is an upcoming event we are attending in NYC and were wondering if anyone here knew any decent places to do this close to the Gramercy Park area in Manhattan?

    Any tips, warnings, or advice you guys have would be very much welcome

    thank you!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    We've rarely promoted staying in ones' car when traveling, on this site, for several reason. First, there are only a few places where you would be safe. Second, there are only a few places where it would even be allowed -- and frankly, I doubt if anywhere in Manhattan would have an "overnight okay" sign. Third, how about breathing, as you will have to have windows open.

    NYC's parking structures are all EXPENSIVE. We are speaking of $50 up, PER DAY, *if* you are lucky enough to find a spot in the first place. Public transportation is cheap and plentiful in the city, but parking is not. It's doubtful, as I said before, to find one where it would be safe and okay for you to stay in your vehicle.

    My brother works in the City but lives in NJ. Mostly he telecommutes, but when he goes into the city, he goes by bus (or occasionally by train), subway, and his feet. He owned a car briefly when he lived in the Jackson Heights area and sold it quickly when he realized what parking was going to cost him in terms of space and time. You are better off parking your car in NJ and commuting in by public transportation.


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    Default Not in NYC.

    If your vehicle is large enough for two people to sleep, then as you outlined, it is the least expensive option..... in most cases. I have been doing it for years.

    However, anywhere within the greater NYC area is pretty well out of bounce. You would need to drive into NJ, or leave the car in NJ and catch the train.

    By far the safest places would be to park at truck stops. The nearest I know of is Pilot in Mahwah northern NJ on route 17. I have stayed there a few times (though not to go to NYC). You can park at a railway station in NJ and catch the train in, but I doubt that it would be safe to sleep in the car there on your return. If you do be sure NOT to park in the furthest away darkest corner. Be visible.


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