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    Default New York to Texas at November

    Have two week holiday in November and got already flights to NYC. Now planning a road trip from Newark to Texas and back. Is that total mission impossible to do in 10-12 days?
    Would love to spend last couple days in New York before flying back home.

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    Default Doable, but not much more.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Texas is a large State. Where will you be heading in Texas? El Paso would be more than 2000 miles and four days solid driving, with little chance to do much sightseeing along the way. Dallas at just over 1500 miles, would be three days by the most direct route. So if you want to spend a couple of days in NYC, it will leave you just a day or two to spend in Texas, depending on your destination.


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    Default I Agree, Kind Of...

    It would certainly be possible to take a RoadTrip from New York City to Texas and back in less than two weeks, but it is also true as Lifey points out that driving from NYC to El Paso and back would use up a full ten days leaving little time for anything other than driving. The trick is to limit yourself to the eastern portion of Texas and recognize that most of this Roadtrip will not be about Texas but what's in between. For example, you could drive down I-78/I-81/I-75/I-59/I-10 to Houston in three days devoted almost solely to driving or in four days at a more relaxed pace, stopping to sample a few of the delights of the area you'll be driving through. Then spend three or four days exploring Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas - a region that includes some of the best Texas has to offer. You could then spend another four days getting from Dallas back to New York via I-30/I-40/I-65/I-71/I-70/I-81/I-78 at a relaxed pace with a little time for sight-seeing as well. So 11-12 days total for your RoadTrip and a couple of days in New York. A full two weeks to be sure, but doable if that's the sort of holiday you had in mind.


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    Thank you for your help :) AZBuck, you´re so right, our road trip isn´t just about Texas. There´s so much more to see on the way there and back. Have planned something like that on the way there, does it make any sense:

    day 1 Newark- Harrisburg
    day 2 Harrisburg- Charleston
    day 3 Charleston- Nashville
    day 4 Nashville- Little Rock
    day 5 Little Rock- Longview

    And couple days later some other route back to Newark.

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    Default That Would Certainly Work

    Your route and stops are one way to get to Texas in a very relaxed manner. Since this is presumably the route and timing that appeals to you, that would make it one of the 'best' for you as well. It would leave you plenty of time to explore sites and side roads along the way, but would leave you only a couple of days in Texas at all in Texas. There are other ways to get back in the same amount of time that would be similarly relaxed. I listed a couple of basic alternatives in my initial response. And as for doing a fair bit of driving for almost every day over two weeks, I've done the same and found it quite enjoyable. So if this is what you want. It is certainly within the realm of reason.


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