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    Default The Big 48 State Road Trip

    Planning either next summer or the next one to spend the entire summer (I think 40 days minimum) driving with my wife and 2 kids (currently age 5 and 10) starting in Memphis, TN and ending in Memphis, TN and setting foot in every one of the 48 continental states (as well as DC). I want to leave a lasting memory (scar) of this trip etched in my kids brains forever – The Greatest American Road Trip Ever! We plan to send a day at some of the biggest spots like the Grand Canyon, a beach somewhere, Manhattan, Vegas, etc. Any suggestions for the best routes to take? Any suggestions for the best sites to see? What are the big attractions I should make sure not to miss? I am just in the beginning planning stages and it is going to take a massive amount of planning. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts. Thanks... Mike

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When you are talking about a trip that is the big, it really is impossible for others to start narrowing down the "best spots" or "big attractions" because there are thousands of places that could be interesting to you. You really need to do the research and start figuring out those key points first, and then others can help you work out the details.

    Now there are a ton of resources on this site to help you figure out what places you might want to see. If you click the "Routes and Sites" tab, you'll find things to see and do in each state in the US. Also look around the forum, as there are several others who have gotten advice and shared their plans for similar 48 state trips.

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    Default Involve the children.

    Make sure that the scar you plan to leave will be a scar which will entice the family, and especially the children, to take more road trips. One way to work towards this is to involve the children in the planning. You have 12 months, and potentially 2 years, so ample time for both of them to do some research for you and help you make decisions on places to visit and things to do. The more they have invested in the trip, the more they will enjoy it.

    Encourage the children to keep journals of the trip, photos, brochures, their thoughts, etc. In fact, the older one could start now, making a record (journal) of his research. It will help him greatly on the road and spare his parents from the "Are we there yet?" chorus.


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