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  1. Default Road Trip Denver to Albuquerque

    I'll be driving from Denver Airport to Albuquerque this week with my family and want to get suggestions for the most interesting and/or scenic route to take.

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    Default How long and what is your budget?

    Howdy and welcome to RTA!

    How long are you planning for this drive? How many family members and what are their interests?

    By the way, here are some time-tested tips for planning Family RoadTrips.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    How much time do you have for this trip? It is pretty close to a full day drive all by itself. If you're starting your day with a domestic flight, and trying to make it in the same day, I don't think you'd have time to do much other than stick I-25.

    If you're trying to do it in one full day, you might look at spending a little time at Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods around Colorado Springs. You might also look at heading west on US-160, check out Sand Dunes National Park, and then head down to NM via US-285. If you've got a couple days to work with, then you'd have a ton of options, like Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Million Dollar Highway, maybe even some of eastern Utah.
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    Default That's Time Dependent

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since you say that you'll be starting from Denver's Airport, I'm assuming that you'll be flying in and renting a car. In that case, you probably can't get to Albuquerque the same day since it's a seven to eight hour drive by I-25 (the direct route). If you were planning on spending a night on the road and were looking for something a bit more scenic than the Interstate, then I'd suggest US-285 as your main route. You'd get to it by taking the beltway, E-470 (toll), south and west around Denver. This would also set you up for a few great scenic detours. The first would use CO-17, County Route 6N, and CO-150 to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park. The second would take US-64 into Taos NM to visit the Taos Pueblos and Kit Carson's home, then the High Road Byway (NM-518/NM-76/NM-520/NM-503) down to Santa Fe. The third would be the Turquoise Trail (NM-14) into Albuquerque. Depending on how much of the day you have left once you hit the road, you're looking at an overnight stop in either Poncha Springs (Salida) or Alamosa CO.

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