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    Me and my girlfriend a playing a trip for four weeks september. Its our 4th year in a row going, so we really like it over there.

    We really don't have an itinerary yet, but we are thing about the national parks along the way, and i have som family on Victoria Island we are going to visit.

    But we are a bit unsure about the weather? Is it cold along the coast, and in Seattle?


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    It's virtually impossible to tell you what sort of weather you will experience at any point on your trip. However, this much can be said. Since you will be traveling in September (a very changeable month) and through many climatic zones (everything from Mediterranean to Desert to Sub-Arctic), you will experience a wide variety of weather and you should be prepared for almost anything from baking dry heat to winter blizzard and everything in between. Specifically Seattle and Vancouver will tend to be mild with daily temperatures usually between 10-20ēC, and relatively dry with only two to five cm of rain a month.


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    I would reverse the direction of the trip so you go through the mountains and Yellowstone/Glacier parks first. This will give you a better chance of beating the winter weather and closures. This will also put the ocean on your side of the road so you don't have to cross traffic to use the scenic pullouts.

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    I agree that reversing your route would perhaps be the better choice. While the weather is hard to predict you could have snow in Yellowstone and the Rocky Mtn areas. As you travel northwest you will very likely hit better weather. Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington, Southern Idaho can still be quite warm in Sept. I believe you mean you have family in Victoria, on Vancouver Island? While you may see rain in Western Wash. and Western Or. temps will be mild. Temps will again increase as you head south through Calif. I have had it snow on me in Yellowstone in Sept. But really not bad, and it melted away through the following day.

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    Default A couple of other options.

    It would definitely benefit you to reverse the trip, especially when you get to Yellowstone and Glacier NPs. You could look into leaving Yellowstone NP via the spectacular Beartooth Highway and enter Glacier NP from the east. You will need to check while you are on the road to make sure that an early winter storm has not closed the Beartooth Highway and the Going To The Sun Road.


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