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  1. Default Car camping

    I have a prius v wagon and am planning a trip to Ontario and niagra falls
    I am fixing the seats so I can sleep in the back
    Has anyone had experience prius camping?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Certainly plenty of people have experience sleeping in cars, although perhaps not the Prius specifically, but I can't imagine it would be all that much different than any other wagon.

    The key issues usually come down to finding safe places to sleep, blocking out light, and if you're in a wagon, where are you going to put your stuff if you are using the cargo area as a bed. But what questions did you have?

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    Default Truckstops are your safest bet.

    As Michael stated, there are three issues, the most important of which is the safe place to park. You can't just pull up anywhere, and rest areas are among the most risky places to sleep. Truck stops are by far the best, but you need to know which truck stops make people welcome. The national truck stop directory has a listing of all truck stops and a column which shows the ones that make RV overnight parking available. These are the ones who also allow cars and vans to park overnight. It's yours for an investment of $15 post free.

    Problem is, when you get near Niagara and in Ontario, there are very few of them. I would caution you not to give into the temptation to just pull in anywhere.

    What privacy curtains do you have?


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    Thank you. I didn't think about where to put my stuff. I am told it can all be in the car. Maybe a very small tent? Maybe that is better if there are bears.
    I was planning to go to campgrounds.
    There is a company that makes privacy screens for each make of the Prius . I'm also tinting the windows according to law.. Has anyone been to campgrounds near the falls in Ontario ? I am planning to stay at campgrounds.

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    I'm not planning to have a lot of food in the car however would it be safer to leave what I have and cooler in a tent or in the car with me as far as attracting bears?

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    Default Be alert but not alarmed.

    Being aware of bears is important, but don't get overconcened. Yes, it is something to be prepared for, but if you are not camping in remote forest areas the chances of seeing a bear are next to zero. This is my fourth year of spending close to six months car camping, and I have to say, I am yet to see a bear in a campground or truck stop. I do have food in my van - mostly dry and tinned food. I have fresh food in my (12v) refrigerator, food such as milk, eggs, ham, salad, bread, etc.

    As I said, it is something to be aware of, but don't get paranoid.


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