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    Hello all,
    I am planning a road trip from Midland, TX to Bend, OR. I will be doing this alone. I'm wondering about some good things to do along the way and maybe even some camping I can do along the way. I have a friend in Bend that I will stay with once I get there. Thanks!

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    Have you given up on your plan to head to Alaska? Or is this a part of that trip?

    Pretty much the entire American West is between Midland and Bend, so your options are pretty close to endless. How much time do you have for this trip, and did you have any general ideas about a route? You could head over to California and head up the Coast, you could make your way through the many national parks of Colorado and Utah, you could even head straight north to the Dakotas into the Black Hills, and then head over through Yellowstone as you head west.

    And that's just a very broad idea, there are countless combinations that you could do - but it depends upon what you are thinking.

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    Default Time is of the Essence

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The one factor that will most determine what you can do, what you can see, and where you can stay on this RoadTrip is the one bit of information you haven't shared with us: How much time do you have for this trip? Midland to Bend could conceivably be done in as little as three days if you're willing to push it a bit each day, stay in motels so that you're not spending time making/breaking camp, and forego any major sight-seeing. Once you start adding days your opportunities increase proportionately.

    Assuming you can add a day or two to your trip, the places you should look to include for 'things to do along the way' would include Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, Petroglyph National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, Arches National Park, the Great Salt Lake, Thousand Springs, and Bruneau Canyon and Sand Dunes. There certainly is no shortage of attractions. Where, and even if, you'll camp depends on how much time you have but there is no shortage of camping opportunities in the West either, including national and state parks, national forests, and Bureau of Land Management sites. The latter two usually include distributed or dispersed camping which is often free.


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    Awesome! Thanks! I'm planning on just heading to Bend and then back to Midland. I'd like to spend somewhere between 1-2 weeks on the trip total.

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