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  1. Default Anyone advise me on my route I've picked?? Vegas-gc-mv-Moab-Zion-bryce-la??

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    Road trip. Vegas-grandc-m.valley-Moab-Zion-Bruce-L.A to drop car off and fly out.

    Can you help, doing the above in a week, is that to much or do able ???. If to much what do we miss out??.
    We have booked 2 nights in Las Vegas ( to recover from flight) then road trip begins for a week , with 2 nights stay in Grand Canyon 10th and 11th September then 13th staying for one night in Moab, so 12th maybe need to stay somewhere between G.C And Moab?? . Car needs to be in L.A by 17th early am. So any suggestions of where to stay i.e Bruce/Zion/capital reef?? Etc etc for the days 14th-17th .

    Looking at the map it's pretty much a circle anti clock wise,

    Thanks in advance if you can advise anything.

    Lee from the U.K

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    Default Reorder(?) and Relax

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It would be somewhat more efficient to do this trip in a clockwise direction from Las Vegas: Zion, Bryce, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles. Still, the difference is only about 60 miles and if you've already booked reservations there's no compelling reason to try to change them now.

    There aren't a lot of lodging options between the Grand Canyon and Moab, and what there are tend to be expensive. Mexican Hat could be your best option for a visit to Monument Valley. I'd suggest a moderately late departure from the Canyon and/or a stop at Cameron Trading Post and/or a stop at Goosenecks State Park in Utah. The point being to arrive at Monument Valley about an hour before sunset so that you get the full effect of the sun low on the western horizon illuminating these incredible red rock formations. Then bed down for the night and head for Moab and Arches the next morning. Another alternative would be to head to Cortez CO and visit Mesa Verde National Park to your itinerary the next morning.

    Three overnights between Moab and Los Angeles should give you plenty of time to enjoy the sights along this route. Since you've been a bit peripatetic up to this point, you might want to consider a single centrally located lodging for the next two or three nights. My wife and I spent a week at Duck Creek Village on UT-14 in the Dixie National Forest and visited Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Cedar Breaks as day trips from there, returning to our rustic cabin each evening. Something similar might work for you. But spending all three nights in that area would leave you with a 400 mile or so drive to Los Angeles on your final day. You could also leave southern Utah a day earlier and overnight either in Las Vegas (if you haven't gotten enough of it) or in Barstow CA (after visiting the Mojave National Preserve).


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    Default My 10 cents.

    Hi Lee, nice to see you found your way to the forums !

    If you have to turn the car in early am on the 17th you really need to be close, or probably better still, back in LA on the eve of the 16th. Personally I think that would leave you a little short of time to fully enjoy the other parks with just 2 nights and 3 days to get back to LA from Moab. It could be done, but I don't think trying to squeeze much else in will be an option.

    To do all of your planned trip, I would spend one night actually in the GC National park and the second night at Cameron Trading post just outside the east entrance. Although you would miss the MV sunset as described by Buck, you could visit there in the morning and arrive in Moab the same day. [12th] You could then visit Arches or Canyonlands, or both but you won't have much time to explore, and then head to Capitol Reef NP and stay the night in Torrey, or there is a Best western resort closer by. [13th] After exploring the park continue down UT scenic 12 to Bryce canyon. [14th] You could arrive in time for a walk along the rim between the Ampitheatre and sunset/sunrise points and withness a sunset and the following morning drive to the far end of the canyon and explore the viewpoints on the way back up before continuing to Zion NP. The advantage to stopping at the viewpoints on the way back is that thay will all be on your side of the road and you won't have to keep pulling across traffic. Springdale is a lovely little town with lodging and dining and is located right on the doorstep of Zion NP. [15th] You should have a little time there on the evening you arrive and a little in the morning but it's probably a 7 hour plus journey to LA from Springdale, or you could stop on route.[16th]

    If you wanted a slower pace then Moab and Capitol Reef would be the obvious choices to cut out purely based on loaction away from the others. but you would be OK if you are happy to keep on the go. As Buck also suggested, reversing the whole trip is a good option.

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    Default Add my tuppence.

    It is possible, as stated above, but at what cost.

    Dave's option, especially cutting out Moab and Capital Reef, will at least give the chance to enjoy the rest. Otherwise there is a chance you will get home and wonder what you saw.... and where.

    Sometimes less is more.

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    Thanks to all your replies, got some thinking and planning to do. I know we are short on time. We have booked a stay in Moab as doing a ranch horse riding thing, so liked to keep that. I think your right should of done it clockwise but have booked accommodation in GRand CAnyon now, and not sure if we change dates there be room still at the bright angel lodge where we're staying. Maybe I should try. If i do keep it that way may have to miss out Bryce or Zion???. Also how long is the drive from Las Vegas to L.A.

    Sorry for all the questions.
    Thx lee and Angela

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    Default Reversal could work. [lodgings aside]

    There is not a need to panic, you are going to have a wonderful trip as long as you are aware some will be a pretty brisk pace. Which day is your horse riding adventure, the day you arrive at the ranch or the day you leave and how long is it likely to last for. If you horse ride on the 14th then it could take up quite a bit of the day and shorten your journey back to LA even more.

    If the horse riding were the 14th and you could change your dates at the Grand canyon, reversing the trip could work better. That would be Zion on the 10th and explore there again the morning and then leave for Bryce canyon in time for a sunset on the rim. [11th] On the 12th explore more of Bryce canyon in the morning and then continue to Capitol Reef. Then on to Moab for your stay on the 13th. Then head to GC on the 14th via Monument valley if time permits after horse riding. Stay the night again on the 15th and on the 16th start making your way back to LA.

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