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    Default Roadtrip from SF to MN w/ my 11 yr old nephew, my 2 dogs & maybe my 83 year old dad!

    Yes, it may seem like a crazy idea, but I am excited about taking a road trip with my nephew, and am hoping my 83 year old dad can come along. I am just trying to think of some of the best things to do for all of us from SF to Minnesota. I was thinking to go off track a little bit to the Grand Canyon (never been) an then head to Dinosaur state park.. don't know best routes.. what to see in Utah? Colorado? etc.. I want to leave July 8th and get to Minnesota by the 13th/14th. Then drop off nephew and head back going a different Northern route. I have 2 weeks from July 8th - July 22nd. Renting a Jucy van and seeing what will happen. Any suggestions warmly appreciated!
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    Welcome to RTA!

    Six days to Minnesota, which is about a 3-1/2 day trip (using Minneapolis as the destination), 2000+ miles, leaves you about 2-1/2 days to play with. Dinosaur National Monument (Vernal, UT) is within reach, as would be Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO). Unfortunately, for the trip out, Grand Canyon might be really out of the way. Since you seemingly have a little extra time on the way home, why not go home via the more southern route?

    Route out -- main routes are I-80 and I-35, veering off to catch Dinosaur NM and then Rocky Mountain a little later. Route back -- why not I-35 straight down to I-40? Along I-40 you can see so much, including Petrified Forest National Park, you could swing up to Zion National Park, and then back down to the Grand Canyon.


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    Default How did yo learn about Jucy?

    I was not familiar with the Jucy rental RV company until I read your post. How did you know about them? The vehicles look well configured.

    How large are the dogs? Seems pretty cramped for that many travelers...


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    Default Jucy and dogs... not a viable match

    Actually, I looked at the TOS and I don't think you'll be able to take your dogs in a Jucy rental.

    To Wit:
    Service dogs are permitted to travel in JUCYs vehicles with prior permission from JUCY. No other animals are permitted in JUCY vehicles.

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    Default Yellowstone ?

    Have you been to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone ? That would be a major consideration for me, particularly if you took 7 days for the journey.

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    Default Short legs and frequent stops for age, youth and the dogs.

    With your 83 year old Dad onboard, I would plan this trip as doing 300 - 350 miles each day, in 100 miles bites. There will be numerous places along or near your route - check out some good maps or a road atlas - where you will want to stop to do some sightseeing. Your Dad will probably appreciate the shorter legs, and it will give the 11 year old regular time out of the car. Not to mention the dogs and yourself getting the breaks and exercise needed.


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    Thanks everyone! My dogs are small and not much of a space problem. My dad isn't coming with me, so we can be more flexible and will have more space. we will definitely want to do Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, and also Dinosaur state park. Thanks for the recommendations!
    I think 100 mile legs with lots of stretching and hikes/walks, etc will do the trick!

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