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  1. Default Jefferson City, MO to Panama City, FL - Any site seeing suggestions or food

    We have 10 days or nothing but time. We have never done this before in our life. We are both 38 and this will be the first for us both.
    Any ideas on what to see on the way there or way back. We leave July 2 (PM) and return July 12-13. We are going to visit friends in PC, FL but dont want to spend the entire time there. Any ideas or suggestions. Thank you!


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    Default What Did You Have in Mind?

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    As you note, ten days is a lot of time for a trip down to the Gulf Coast and back. The thing is, though, with nothing much else to go on, there are many more options than we can possibly name. That list only gets longer as you have more and more time to wander off the 'straight-and-narrow'. So, what are your interests? History (Ste. Genvieve, Shiloh, Selma/Montgomery)? Scenery (Ozarks, Great River Road, Appalachian foothills)? Kitsch (Elvis' birthplace, a statue to the Boll Weevil)? And what do you envision as your travel style - camping? motels? resorts?

    I will note that even the most direct route between Jefferson and Panama Cities does not use much, if any, Interstate roadway, so you'll be freer than most to wander off a bit without it costing you too much more in driving time.


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    We like the night life, history is fine, scenery is GREAT. We plan on staying with our friend while in FL BUT, as we travel there and home it will be motels. Nashville, would be another interest. Anything would help :P

    The route I am not worried about, we will route it out once we figure out what adventures we want to take on the way. I know one thing is the Jack Daniels Distillery; which is alittle out but, it will be worth it, I believe.

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    Default So Then...

    ...a few historic, scenic or entertaining attractions that would fall roughly on a Jefferson City to Panama City route that went through Nashville: Ste. Genvieve MO, an old French town on the Mississippi, and the ferry across to Illinois from there; the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky; the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville; a bit of the Natchez Trace Parkway; Jack Daniel's in Lynchburg; Old Cahawba outside Selma AL; and the aforementioned Boll Weevil statue in Enterprise AL.

    If you return on a track a bit west of the one described above, you could hit the Gulf Islands National Seashore as well as Mud Island and Beale Street in Memphis. Also there are numerous national wildlife refuges and national forests all along your routes that you should take advantage of. And there are a few national scenic byways that go more or less where you are including the Woodlands Trace in Kentucky and Tennessee, Alabama's Coastal Connection, Crowley's Ridge Parkway in Arkansas, and the Great River Road in several states on your travels.

    You should also make use of the RTA Map Wizard which will help you locate attractions within 50 miles of whatever route you choose. You have the time and the inclination to wander. Do so.


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