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  1. Default Can you realistically drive nearly 8,000 miles in 2 months?

    I put into google maps several places I want to visit while on a road trip around America, and it does a circular around pretty much the whole country, including LA, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, New York, Toledo, Yellowstone and back to LA with several places in between but pretty much on route.

    It said it takes about 120 hours and is about 7,600 miles, but that doesn't include detours to other places we find on the way, and finding longer but more scenic routes.

    We are going for 2 months, so about 8 weeks.

    Is that possible? We don't want to be constantly driving, we want to be able to stop for a few hours every day.


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    That's certainly possible. That works out to an average of about 130 miles a day - or a little over 2 hours a day on the road.

    Obviously, that's an average. I'm sure you'll have some days where you don't go anywhere, and you'll probably have a few days where you'll be on the road all day and cover 500 miles or so. You'll have to continue your planning to have a better idea of how much time you can spend at any single place, but as a first step, you're just fine.

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    Absolutely, it can be done! We are proof -- back in 2012, we did it! I think we put 8100 miles on our truck in 7 weeks. If you click the link, you can see we went from here (CA) to near Dallas, TX, over to Orlando FL, up to NJ, up to Maine, through NY, back through MO, then through UT and back home. This summer, we are planning another big-mileage trip in 7 weeks, covering a few other places. Like Michael said, you'll have some days where you'll put 0 miles on the vehicle, and other days where you spend all day on the road.


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    Very doable - just plan-plan-plan where you want to go, how long you want to stay, and how you'll pace through areas with little you're interested in seeing or doing. Last year I wound up crossing the country twice in about 2 months - MO to CT (friend moving to MO June 24-29) to MO to CA (planned vacation July 3-Aug 4) to MO to DC (family visit not planned in advance Aug 12-19) to MO....just shy of two months, clocked about 10,000 miles - but only the MO to CA portion had lots of stops to do and see things.

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