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    My gf and I are planning a road-trip through Florida in October this year.

    We can get quite a good deal flying to Orlando Sanford including a car. We would have 9 Days for the road-trip:

    Things we would like to see are:

    Everglades (alligators)
    1 Day Disneyland

    Our Budget for the 9 days is 1000-1500 Dollars
    Since this would be our first time in the States. Any suggestions Tips are helpful



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    Default Florida attractions.

    Hi Marc, Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    There is much to explore in Florida, and I am sure you will have a wonderful trip. Besides the Everglades and Disney. In the Everglades be sure to take a trip on the Pelican out of Flamingo.

    There is the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, defitinely worth a day (or two). Then there are the Keys with the Overseas Highway - a 100 mile road linking all the islands of the Keys. Key West is touristy and artsy, and of great interest to a lot of tourist. There are also wildlife place such as the Wild Life Bird Sanctuary and the Key Deer on Big Pin and No Name Keys.

    Although the Keys are able to be driven in two and a half hours (each way), if you want to see some of the sights along the way, I would allow a day.

    For scenic drives, there is route A1A along the Atlantic Coast and route 441 from Orlando down to Florida City. And of course, Alligator Alley. If you are lucky you might just see some alligators from one of the wayside stops and view points. And lots more.

    Do you have a good map of Florida? That would be a great help with your planning. Maps show a lot more than what can be accessed via a computer monitor.


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    "Disneyland" is Orlando is actually called "Walt Disney World", to distinguish it from its California original counterpart. Considering the size and the number of parks in WDW, you may find that one day is not enough, if you've never been there before. Take a good look at, an unofficial WDW website, and you'll see what I mean. (If you've been there before and just want to return for some favorites, ignore this part of my advice.)

    I will second the nomination for Kennedy Space Center -- it's marvelous. Allow at least 5-6 hours, or more, depending on your interest in Space History.

    Your budget -- bear in mind that Disney entrance will cost you about $100 per person, per day. Your car rental, if included in your budget, will probably run $300-350. Everglades entrance is probably $25. Kennedy is around $45 per person for the bus tour, which is the only way to see the place. (No driving is allowed through it by tourists.)


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    Another vote here for Kennedy Space Center, although it's many years since I visited it. My mother wasn't interested and was going to stay in the motel, but in the end she came and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    When doing your planning it's important to realise the scale of Florida. For example it's about 230 miles from Orlando to Miami, and about 160 miles from Miami to Key West.

    In Orlando you would need to research all the various theme parks and decide which to visit. The Magic Kingdom is the copy of the original Disneyland, but there's also EPCOT and quite a few others.

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    Thanks allot already

    Fortunately the budget is without a rental car meaning we have flight and car covered :-)

    and can spend 1000-1500 dollars on sights, accommodation and food etc.

    Besides the things to see what are good places to stay for a night or two?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seacab View Post
    Besides the things to see what are good places to stay for a night or two?
    That depends (doesn't everything?!).

    If you just want something straightforward and inexpensive for the night then most towns of any size will have a few motels, some independent "mom & pops", some chains. These are usually (but not always) on the main roads in and out of the town, on the outskirts rather than in the middle. If a town has an interstate exit, then they are often clustered around that. In both cases gas stations and restaurants are usually in same area. Motel 6 is the least expensive national motel chain, which I've used for many years over much of the USA with no complaints, but it is perhaps a bit basic for some people's taste. At the next price level there's the mid-priced chains such as Super 8, then the expensive chains such as Days Inn, Holiday Inn, La Quinta, etc.

    If you want something more upmarket, specialist, and non-chain for a longer stay, that needs more research and preferably local knowledge.

    As for choosing which towns are the most interesting, well again that depends what interests you most.

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    Default Some things going for you... others??

    The best thing you have going for you is that you will be travelling after the main holiday season, so chances are that some prices will be shoulder prices rather than top season.

    The other great thing is that in FL there are three different hotel/motel discount booklets available at welcome centres, highway rest areas and some truck stops. These are normally for walk-ins only, but should get you some good deals, while at the same time leaving you flexible to decide each day. If you feel more comfortable having your accommodation booked, check out the hotel booking at the top right of this page.

    In the past I have always found the accommodation around Kissimee very affordable. The main drag through there - Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway - has a plethora of hotels and motels. When I attended a function at a hotel near WDW, I stayed at a Knights Inn for less than $40 (2 years ago). This was west of I-4.

    On the other hand, fuel costs in FL are pretty high. Not quite as high as California, but I found them constantly round the $3.70, a couple of weeks ago.

    If you are on a budget, I'd be dropping WDW. There are many more interesting and cheaper attractions in FL.


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