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  1. Default Route advice for Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Chicago, IL

    Hey all, i'm moving from Las Vegas to Chicago in June and was worried about the routes since i'll be driving my Chevy Malibu and hauling a 5x8 uHaul trailer. What concerns me is the mountains but i'm not sure there's really any better or easier route? Originally i thought of going through Denver, but the climb and decline with that trailer up there had me worried.

    I thought the alternate route of heading from LV down to New Mexico and over (route 66 option) may work but from what I gather the elevation is even higher there than in Denver?

    Any suggestions?


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Your best bet is US-93 to Kingman, then I-40/I-44/I-55. The elevations are lower than I-70. Note that this is 160 miles longer.

    Are you sure your Malibu is rated to tow that trailer? I'd be tempted to rent a truck and tow the car.

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    Yeah i've confirmed the hitch and uhaul already. Actually used it to make the trip from San Diego to Las Vegas last year ;)

    Thanks for the tips on the routes...i'll look into that now!

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    Default A loaded 5 x 8 is a LOAD to tow

    I share my friend glc's curiosity as to UHaul permitting a 5 x 8 to be towed by a Malibu. I'd be most interested in hearing about that. UHaul has a strict and heavily enforced set of policies concerning what they'll allow to be towed by what.

    I also share glc's opinion about dropping down to I-40 at Kingman and heading to Chicago that way. While AZ and NM are far from flat, with elevations east of Albuquerque reaching 7,700' at Clines Corner, and nearly that high at the Continental Divide west of Albuq., there is somewhat less overall up and down along I-40 than along some of the other routes. I-70 in Colorado has but 3 real grades, but they're doozies: Vail Pass at over 10,000', the Eisenhower Tunnel entrance at over 11,000', and a grade between Idaho Springs and Denver topping out at over 8,000'. I'm less familiar with I-70 between about Green River, UT and I-15 in UT, but I think southern UT has some big ups and downs across canyon country.


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    Default triple check

    I would strongly advise you double check the towing abilities of your vehicle.

    As far as I know, the maximum towing capacity of any Chevy Malibu is 1,000 lbs. A 5x8 Uhaul trailer is 900lbs completely empty!

    Uhaul's towing rules generally have more to do with the weight of the towing vehicle, and the Malibu is heavy enough that I'm not surprised that it passes their requirements. However, that does not mean that your car is made to handle the stresses of such a trip. I'd also caution against assuming that because you were able to do a 250 mile tow from SD to LV that it's capable of doing a 2000 mile trip across the Rocky Mountains. You really could be risking doing serious damage to the drivetrain (engine and transmission) of your car, and I'd also be very concerned about your cars brakes being able to handle such a load.

    I would consult with your owners manual and/or a good mechanic, not take the word of Uhaul, before setting out on this trip.

    I would certainly agree with the others that if you do this tow, I would not take I-70 in your situation. I-40 could be a good choice. I would also consider I-15 to I-84 to I-80 - noting that you'd want to go past Salt Lake City before cutting east, to avoid the brutal climb on I-80 just east of SLC. Here is a good visual comparison of I-80 and I-40. I-80 would have the advantage of being about 100 miles shorter.

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    I will chime in here and agree with others: the Malibu is NOT a tow-vehicle. It might be able to handle that 900 lb of trailer, but as soon as you start sticking your household goods into it, it could weigh up to 3000-5000 lbs easily. The Malibu would also need to be equipped with a tow package (which was never an option for Malibu, because it wasn't designed to Tow) and heavy-duty brakes. Years ago, we tried to tow a 16-ft travel trailer, weight about 3000 lbs, with a Ford Maverick (about the same weight of car as a Malibu, I think). We never towed it very far, but it taxed the tranny and the brakes more than we wanted it to do.

    I would second the motion that you rent a UHaul TRUCK and tow the Malibu on a trailer. You'll be a lot happier. BTW, I know both I-15 to I-40, and I-15 to I-70, and for towing, I would highly recommend I-40. On I-70, you'll be in the far right lane for miles going up to the Eisenhower Tunnel, especially if you ignore our advice and tow a trailer with the Malibu.


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