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    My daughter and I will be landing in Cleveland December 21 in the morning, and want to rent a car to drive down to Canton (Hall of Fame visit.). from there we will drive to Pittsburgh and spent the night. The next day we want to drive to visit the Hershey factory and would like to visit/drive trough Amish country towards New York where we plan to arrive in the evening of December 22. What is the best place on the way to see some of the Amish culture? (I hear a lot about Lancaster?)

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric van Urk View Post
    What is the best place on the way to see some of the Amish culture? (I hear a lot about Lancaster?)
    Yes, especially the small towns along Pa340: Bird in Hand and Intercourse. I have very fond memories of a shoo-fly pie purchased at the Bird in Hand farmer's market :)

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    Hi Erik, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Driving through PA you are likely to come accross Amish country and culture in many places, though some more so than others. Lancaster area perhaps more so.

    However, if you are coming off a long haul flight, I would caution against driving as far as you plan to, on the same day. Your body time clock will be out of sinc with local time. It is a good idea to hit the road 24 hours after a long haul flight... for safety's sake.


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    I'm a bit confused about your current plans.

    Are you now coming directly from Denmark to Cleveland, or is this just a tweek of your original plan to visit this places as part of a trip from Miami to NYC?

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    Thank you for your answers, and sorry i left out some info. We arrive in Miami on Dec. 5 and after some days with cruise and beach we fly dec. 18 to New Orleans, then fly to Cleveland from there on Dec. 21. So we should be fine with time difference and so on. The drive from Pittsburgh to New York in one day, with one or Two stops should be possible.

    I posted a tread before where we should drive all the way from Miami to NY, but that plan is dropped and changed to the current plan where we fly, because this gives us more time in Miami, New Orleans and New York.

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