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  1. Default Road Trip Central CA to Fort Benning GA

    Our family is looking to drive from Central CA to Fort Benning in GA the end of June. We are looking for interesting things to check out on the trip. We don't mind going off the beaten path to see some sites!!! Any recommendations are welcomed!! Thanks!

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    There are a huge number of possibilities but it depends so much on factors such as how long you want take for the trip, what sort of things interest you most, and how far off the direct line you're happy to go.

    Here's a few options based mainly on national parks and similar areas (apologies if those weren't the kind of things you were looking for). You'd need to look them up on a map and see what they'd imply in terms of the route, and consult the usual sources for more information about them. I've tried to group them logically as much as possible.

    Yosemite NP
    Sequoia NP
    Death Valley NP

    Old Route 66: Needles, Oatman, Kingman
    Old Route 66: Kingman, Peach Springs, Seligman (Az66)
    Various national monuments in the Flagstaff area
    Grand Canyon (south rim)
    Palo Duro Canyon SP (near Amarillo)

    Las Vegas
    Zion NP
    Bryce Canyon NP
    Cedar Breaks NM
    Grand Canyon (north rim)
    Capitol Reef NP
    Arches NP
    Canyonlands NP
    Dead Horse Point SP
    Colorado NM
    I-70 through the Front Range of the Rockies
    Rocky Mountain NP
    Bent's Old Fort NHS

    Monument Valley
    Mesa Verde NP
    Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
    Million Dollar Highway
    Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Is this a one-way trip or round trip? How long do you have to make the journey? What types of things do you like?

    John has made a huge list of things that are between here and there. To take that further, get out a large map of the US and look to see what's between the two places. If anything looks of interest, put a sticky note by each. You will see a route start to form. You can also look on this website, in the Map Center, for other ideas (things that may not necessarily be on a huge USA map).

    Once you get a good idea, we can help you fine tune your trip. Otherwise, we're just throwing out ideas that may or may not interest you, or that you'd even have the time to do.


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    Following on from the above....

    Get good maps of all the States you plan to travers. Maps such as are published by AAA (free to members) and Rand McNally. These maps have many more routes and attractions marked on them, than a map of the whole country would have. These also mark the scenic routes which take you off the beaten path.

    If you are not already a member of AAA (or any other roadside service organisation) it may pay you to join before undertaking this trip.


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    Thanks! National parks and State parks are great ideas!

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    Thanks Donna. We are making a round trip for about 12 days. We're planning on camping along the journey. We're up for just about anything and everything from State or National parks to quirky roadside attractions.

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    Thanks Lifey. I hadn't thought about getting state maps. Great idea! I've been trying to plan via the internet, but actual maps will be so much easier.

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    I will second Lifey's suggestion that if you aren't already a member of AAA, you should think about joining. So far this year, our membership $$ have saved us a bundle. We've gotten about 20 state maps, 7 tour books (saving us the cost of Fodor's guides for these areas), (sad to say) the cost of two rescues (one tow truck to take our car to the shop when it wouldn't start earlier this week, and a dead-battery call for our truck), and finally, a thick "TripTik" containing routing for our upcoming trip. All this for less than $100, and we're only 4 months into this year's membership.

    You will be best off NOT relying on electronic gadgets completely for planning a trip. Electronic mapping programs will give you the fastest route, and correct mileage, but they will never give you the most scenic, and their "travel times" are ALWAYS wrong. GPS can lead people astray, sometimes to their peril. GPS units are pretty decent for finding a specific address in a place, but I've seen ours tell us to turn the wrong way down a one-way road.

    Where the Internet is wonderful for trip planning: NPS and state park's websites, finding lodging (including camping) within or nearby same, figuring out what fuel will cost you across the country, and of course social networking (like this forum) for advice. You could also use this website's Map Centre to find those quirky roadside stops, as there are a LOT listed!


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    Thanks Donna. I'm looking into AAA tomorrow!

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    Default Go for Premium on a cross country trip.

    Consider a premium AAA membership. It has much greater towing allowance. Last year I had a master cylinder going on me, somewhere in a State Forest in AZ. Later in Schenectady NY the alternator gave up. In both cases there was considerable distance towing, especially in the first one. I was pleased that my premium membership covered it all.


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