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    Me and my husband are planning for 20 days road trip from Atlanta to Las Vegas this June 2014.We want to stay up to 10 days in Vegas which is the best route(Recently traveled) coz I am looking in Google maps some routes shows road closure (Closed) in between (Birmingham to Fort smith) so please suggest me a safe route we never traveled this long distance drive before. Please suggest us some safe night (City’s) stays during this trip as well ..

    I will appreciate any other tips and some information (email removed per forum policy)

    Thank you :)
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    Default Lots of options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Are you planning on sight seeing on the way to Vegas and if so what are your interests ? There is no single 'best' route for everyone, just lots of options and I would recommend you look at a good paper map and see what appeals to you and where you would want to go. You could also look at taking a different route on the way back and get to see new things. Have you family in Vegas for such a long stay, only it will take 8 days to drive out and back and with 10 days in Vegas doesn't leave a lot of time for other things, like the Grand canyon for example.

    Here are some great day trips from Vegas.

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    The Arkansas Highways site isn't listing that closure, only a couple of lane closures in the Little Rock area. I would guess that it was a temporary closure for some reason which has now been rectified.

    Unless you have a need or desire to go into a city centre, it's considerably easier to stop overnight at a motel near an interstate exit.

    If you're looking for places of interest along I-40:

    Palo Duro Canyon State Park is about 25 miles southeast of Amarillo, Texas. It's the second biggest canyon in the USA and you can easily drive down to the bottom.

    The Grand Canyon, north of Flagstaff, as the previous poster mentioned.

    In addition there are a number of national monuments closer to Flagstaff, mainly Ancestral Pueblo People/Anasazi ruins and well worth visiting if you have time IMHO.

    The Hoover Dam at the Arizona/Nevada state line.

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    Hi ,

    Can you send the the route info (Atlanta-VEGAS) with travel time where to stop for night stay and near by sightseeing etc etc ..It would be a great help for me

    Thank you so much for the reply :)

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    I'm sorry, but as Dave indicated, there is no one "best" route, and the options for siteseeing are nearly endless, until you tell us more about what you are looking to get out of this trip. If you want someone to actually plan the trip for you, with all your stops for both hotels and sightseeing, you should contact a professional travel agency. We'll gladly help you plan your perfect trip, but that means you are making the decision about where to go and what to do. That means taking the advice you were given, as above, building a trip, and asking questions about how to make your plan better.

    If you are just looking to make this basically a speed run to Vegas with no sightseeing except what is right off the direct route, then Little Rock, AR; Shamrock, TX; and Gallup, NM are places you could look to stop. But again, that's just a starting point to build from, and there are many other options that you can consider.

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    Default To re inforce the above.

    Quote Originally Posted by monasthuthi View Post
    ... coz I am looking in Google maps ...
    Maybe this is your biggest problem. Within the confines of a computer monitor it is very difficult to see what your options are and even to get any realistic idea of distances, where the towns are and alternative routes.

    The best thing you can do right now is to get yourself some good paper maps such as those produced by AAA (free to members) and Rand McNally. Lay out the map of the USA and those of all the States you plan to traverse, and see just how many routes, towns, cities and attractions there are along the way. Then with your husband see what appeals to you.

    ... shows road closure (Closed) in between (Birmingham to Fort smith)
    Don't believe all you read/see on the internet. More than once have I come to a road marked closed on the computer, yet there was no sign of roadwork going on... and vice versa. Checking each State's road department would give you a more accurate picture.

    Please suggest us some safe night (City’s) stays ...
    Once again, this is very much a personal thing. Where one person feels comfortable, another may feel very uncomfortable. Listen to that inner voice which will tell you. If it doesn't feel good, move on. (I have been advised on more than one occasion to stay away from Atlanta. Would you agree?)

    If all this is too overwhelming for you, do as suggested above and consult a travel professional.


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    How to start planning:
    As suggested above, go to Wal-Mart and get a Rand McNally Road Atlas. On one of the first few pages, there will be a full two-page spread with the main US interstates and highways on it. Flag your starting spot and your ending spot with a sticky of some sort. Then, look in between to see what shows up. Does anything sound like something you'd love to see?

    One of those most direct routes takes you up to I-40. John mentioned some places along that route that are interesting to see.

    One rule of thumb: Try not to drive more than 550-600 miles in a day WITHOUT sightseeing. This is a long day on the road. If you are sightseeing along the way, do less. If you choose to check mileage with an online mapping program (Google Maps, Mapquest), don't believe the "travel time": add 20%. Actually, we take the mileage and then divide by 55, and that's how many hours. (550 miles=10 hours) THAT will allow for fuel-food-restroom stops, but doesn't always allow for construction and accident delays.

    Finding a hotel: When my husband and I are planning a trip, I find a town or city that's within our parameters of driving time. Then I do a search "lodging in (name of town/city, state)" such as "lodging in Albuquerque, NM". I then get an overview for what's there. I read a few reviews, which often will tell me if something is in a rundown part of town. When we actually arrive at a place, coupon or no coupon, if the surrounding area doesn't seem "right" to us, we move on - and that's happened to us two or three times. If the motel looks awful, we move on too -- and we've done that a time or two.

    Planning a trip can be overwhelming at first. We are more than happy to help, to teach you how to plan, but it's YOUR trip and (as has been pointed out) we aren't professional travel planners. We are just very experienced folks that love to help others to have a successful trip so they'll want to try it again.

    We also hope that after your trip, you'll come back and tell us about it in the "road trip reports" forum.


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    Default Maps could be of much more help to this member.

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    As suggested above, go to Wal-Mart and get a Rand McNally Road Atlas. On one of the first few pages, there will be a full two-page spread with the main US interstates and highways on it.
    Whereas normally I too would have suggested a road atlas, such as the Rand McNally, I felt in this case individual maps which are on a larger scale, would be of much more benefit to this member. Not to mention that it is possible to lay one State next to the other, and see the follow through. Something hard to do with an atlas, where it is difficult to look at two or three or more pages at the same time.


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