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  1. Default Bryce Canyon, Navajo Valley, Antelope Canyon?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I love travelling and doing road trip. I've been doing a few trips along California and Nevada. This is my first plan to drive further east to visit a few major landmarks such as Bryce Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, Horseshoe Bend, Upper Antelope Canyon, and Navajo Valley Drive, and probably a short stop by Grand Caynon on the way home.

    My trip is just a short weekend, so in order to get the most out of day-time, we decide to drive overnight to Bryce Canyon to catch sunrise on Friday morning. I have a few questions regarding the area:

    1) Departing from L.A, it looks like we will spend 7 hours on major interstate highways, and it would take another 1-hour drive from I-15 to Bryce Canyon. My question is how dangerous/safe is that 1-hour drive from highway 15 to Bryce Canyon (animal crossing, road condition)?

    2) I have read that high-clearance vehicle is recommended to travel in Navajo Valley. I wonder if my honda accord is adequate for Valley of the Gods, highway 163 and other pavel roads?

    3) It looks like that highway 89 has been closed due to landslide, is Horseshoe Bend still accessible?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    That's a tall order for a "short weekend". Driving overnight to Bryce Canyon isn't very sensible, though, as you may be very tired to enjoy the rest of the day. I'm sure others will chime in about driving between I-15 and Bryce Canyon, but the chance of seeing wildlife on or along the road before dawn is pretty high.


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    Default More than wildlife.

    Not only the wildlife, but the road itself is a very scenic (which you won't see) two lane mountain road with many twists and turns. Chances are you will be upon any obstruction on the road before you know it is there.

    How are you going to get the most out of the daylight when you have not had any proper sleep all night?

    What is the point of going somewhere if you cannot enjoy it when you get there. It is a beautiful park, but you will be too tired to do any of the short hikes down in the canyon. Too bleary eyed to take a decent photo.

    As for all the other questions in your post. They become irrelevant. You will be too exhausted to enjoy anything much, and if you don't get some good sleep on Saturday night, you will not be in any state to drive home safely on Sunday.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Donna trying to drive overnight is about the worst possible way you could start a roadtrip. Presumably, you're driving all night because you'll have been working all day, so you're going to be starting out as a fatigued, tired driver, and then heading out on a 9 hour drive, where your body will be telling you that you should be asleep? That's never a good idea. Of course, you will also be at your least alert when you are getting off the interstate, very much into an area where there could easily be wildlife on the road.

    Even if you do make it safely, you'll arrive in time for the sunrise, but then what? You're going to sleep during the day? At best, you're going to be spending the rest of the weekend in a trance trying to race around the southwest in a haze.

    As far as Monument Valley, high clearance is not required for US-163 or any other paved roads. Valley of the Gods is not on tribal lands, but rather BLM lands. However, access is by a rough dirt road where high clearance would be recommended.

    US-89 is closed to through traffic due to a Landslide, however, that landslide is well south of Horseshoe Bend. You would need to use US-89T if you want to continue towards Flagstaff.

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    Default Zion and North rim. [?]

    I have to agree as well, you are trying to bite off more than you can chew. The places you have mentioned can be quite time consuming and trying to squueze so much in when you would already be exhausted on arrival isn't the best way to enjoy it.

    I would consider getting up at 4am after a good nights sleep and heading to Zion NP on Friday and perhaps spend the night in Kanab. [Even that would be a heck of a day] Saturday you could visit the North rim and head to Page AZ, but if you have to be home Sunday Page is a full day on the road without any sight seeing. Instead I would enjoy a sunset at the North rim and stay in Jacob Lake and then head home from there with a possible stop at Pipe Spring NM. Even that is going to feel rushed, Bryce, Monument valley and so on will be there for another day when you have the time they deserve and there is so much more in the area you could wait untill you have a couple of weeks holiday.

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    Yes, avoid driving through the night, dangerous and pointless.

    I'd recommend the spending the entire weekend in the Zion area, that park has so much to offer that it would keep you fully occupied.

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    Thank you everyone for your inputs, I really appreciate all of that. Points are well taken. It is indeed too ambitious and pointless to squeeze all those places in a short amount of time. I'll cut down my list down to either Zion NP or Monument Valley area. I'll definitely come back and report my experience :) Thank you for being supportive.

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