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    I've never really done the road trip thing before, but I teach and so I have the summer off. I was wanting to plan a road trip to Alaska this summer. I want it to take no more than 3 weeks. I live in West Texas and would like to go through California and Oregon. Does anyone have any suggestions or is this a bad/good idea?

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    The problem with your plan is time. Assuming this will be a round trip, 3 weeks really isn't much time at all for this trip. If you go the direct route - which is straight up through Colorado or Utah, not over to California - You'll need 9-10 days just to make the drive one way. While the Alaska highway is a good quality road, it is not a quick road.

    Since it sounds like you have all summer, what's your reason for wanting to be gone for no more than 3 weeks?

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    Another teacher here -- our trip to Alaska was 8 weeks and we came from southern California. AK Highway is one of those highways where you are NOT going to make 600 miles a day -- you'll be lucky to do 300 because you'll just want to stop here there and everywhere!

    If you have only 3 weeks, fly to Anchorage, rent a car or RV, and tool around AK. Then fly home.


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    Default Why not start now to plan for next year?

    Agreed, three weeks is nowhere near enough to make a return trip to AK, let alone a worthwhile and memorable trip.

    You would probably be better off getting a copy of The Milepost, study it in detail, then start planning for perhaps making this trip next year, or some other time in the future. It is not really a trip on which one would embark spontaneously... especially someone who has 'never really done the road trip thing before'.


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    In 1998 we drove to Alaska and took 5 weeks for the trip. That worked well for us, we basically visited all of the places that could be reached by car. We drove up the Alaska Highway from the beginning at Dawson Creek, so we accessed it through Montana. On our way back we came through BC, entering the US near Osoyoos, BC, which brings you into Central Washington.
    California and Oregon is a 3 week trip all by itself.

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