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  1. Default Best Route Advice: Dallas to LA - June 2014 Roadtrip

    Hello All,

    I am hoping someone can help me with some advice about an up-coming road trip in 6 weeks time.

    My friend and I are from London, UK and we are planning a road trip in the US.

    We have already booked our flights which come into Austin, Texas on 1st June and depart on the 22nd June in Vegas. We have also already booked our car which we can pick up and drop off at the different destinations.

    So far: we are going to spend about 2 nights in Austin and then drive to Dallas for about 3 nights (where we have relatives).

    Ideally what we would like help with is the best and most fun and scenic route from Dallas to LA. We don't mind going through Vegas for one night as we will be spending 4 nights right at the end of our tour there.

    Some advice of best route and also what to do in LA (where we will likely spend the longest) would be really helpful.

    Thank you :)


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    Wow, you're in for a treat, that'll be a superb trip!

    This series of videos on YouTube made by a French couple follows much the same overall route as you're intending, and will probably give you some good ideas.

    However, there are some places that couple didn't visit and which you might want to consider, including:

    Southwest Colorado, including Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Durango (where there's an old time western style narrow gauge railroad through the mountains) and Mesa Verde National Park which has numerous ancestral pueblo people (Anasazi) cliff dwelling ruins.

    Monument Valley in southeastern Utah and northeastern Arizona.

    Grand Canyon National Park, northern Arizona. Your route could include either the north rim or the south rim, but bear in mind that it's about 280 miles by road between the two.

    Zion National Park in southwestern Utah (but they did visit nearby Bryce Canyon). This video shows the most extreme hiking trail in Zion, but there are many far easier trails in the park including several which are totally suitable for young children.

    There's also a cluster of great places near the town of Moab in eastern Utah, namely Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, and the Colorado Riverway.

    That's just a few of the marvellous places you could visit. The problem is deciding which ones you most want to see. Be sure to give each park the time it deserves, rather than trying to do too much. Also be sure to check your driving days' mileages on a map as distances in the west are enormous.

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    Default Maps for your trip.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadttip Forum.

    With the time you have available you will be able to create a great trip. Above are only some of the places within easy distance of any suggested route. There are of course, thousands more.

    One thing I suggest you do is bring your automobile club membership from home, with you. It will entitle you to free maps from the AAA. While in Austin I would go and collect a map of each and every State and major urban area which you plan to visit. (Don't be tempted to rely solely on your electronics, have good maps as your primary source.)

    On the maps you will find not only all of the above listed attractions, but many more. Maps will also give you greater confidence to get off the interstates (motorways), and enjoy some of the great scenic routes as well as small town US. Scenic routes are marked on all maps with a dotted line.

    If you are ending in LV there is no need to go there beforehand. If you are coming from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon you would head straight for LA (with sightseeing stops along the way). If you are coming from Zion and Bryce you could head accros Nevada to Death Valley and Yosemite, to the west coast, San Francisco and the Pacific Coast Highway..

    Have a great trip.


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    Default Lot's of choices, but no single 'best'.

    Ideally what we would like help with is the best and most fun and scenic route from Dallas to LA.
    Basically there is no 'one trip suits all' best route and best fun, these are different things for different folks. The good news is you have a lot of great options to choose from depending on your interests, of which you have not mentioned. For me driving, walking and enjoying the wonderful natural sights is fun, such as in the National parks mentioned above, for others it is Theme parks and Zoo's, City's and nightlife, of course you can mix it up to get a taste of it all, but right now you seem to be focused on the City life. You have already mentioned having 9 nights in three City's and longer in LA than anywhere else, which would bring it up to at least 14 nights spent in the City. Therefor if you want to explore some of the great natural wonders I would recommend heading into the Four Corners region of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

    Once you have done a little research to see what's best for you, we can then help you put it together. Enjoy the planning !

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    Hello All,

    Many thanks for the tips and advice, all really relevant and it will give me something to think about when planning our trip.

    The both of us want to mix it up really and see some National Parks, Zoo's, but also nightlife is going to be important.

    I will take everything into consideration and have a think. Great idea about the maps too!

    Thanks again.


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