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  1. Default Maricopa AZ to Plainfield Ct with Moving Truck

    Hi Everyone.. i'm new here. I am planning a move from Maricopa, Az to Plainfield, Ct with kids, a car and a moving truck. Please help plan the best route. I'm trying to get the easiest route.. no ridiculous hills..did that on the way here. Even if its off the beaten path. Safety!
    Also.. does the moving truck need to stop at weigh stations? None were open on the way here.. so we avoided that decision. Thanks in advance. Claudia

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    Default The Worst Hills are Local

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you are familiar with I-17 north from Phoenix to Flagstaff, then you are familiar with the worst hills you'll experience on your entire trip. These are the descent into Verde River Valley at Camp Verde, and the climb out again up onto the Colorado Plateau. Nothing else you encounter the rest of the way will be as steep or as long as those two grades. If you are comfortable driving smaller roads, you can avoid those two long hills by taking AZ-87 northeast out of Phoenix to Payson and then follow AZ-260/AZ-277/AZ-377 to Holbrook and I-40. That's also a bit of a shortcut and is the way I'd suggest you go.

    After that, it's all relatively flat and all-Interstate: I-40 to Oklahoma City, I-44 to St. Louis, I-70 to Columbus, I-71 to Seville OH, I-76/I-80 past Bloomsburg PA to I-81 north and Scranton (There is a modestly long but not terribly steep grade on this section), I-84 to Hartford and finally CT-2/I-395 to Plainfield.

    Commercial moving trucks need to stop at weigh stations, but rental trucks do not. If you were driving with just adults and a sedan, I'd recommend that you do the trip in five days covering about 525 miles a day. But with a truck and kids, planon six days of 425-450 miles each. That will leave you time for the slower pace of the truck, the more frequent and longer stops for fuel and bathroom breaks, as well as a couple of time outs each day for the kids to blow off steam and the drivers to stretch their legs and shake out the mental cobwebs.


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    Thank you so very much! I can't remember the road we took in from New Mexico but it was scary as heck! I remember Tonto's Pass or something about Tonto on that road! Never again.
    Thanks so much for all the advice. I really appreciate it


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    AZBuck has given you good advice -- I'd have suggested the same route. Taking I-17 straight to I-40 is also good, but the other way is a "short cut". There are some great places to stop along I-40 to do a stretch and a run for the kids.

    Maricopa has sure grown over the years! I've been driving through it on my way between I-8 and I-10 for the past 25 years. That road has gone from a 2-lane with lots of dips to a 4-lane with lots of stop-lights. I just passed through recently and managed to hit most of those lights green (thankfully)!


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    Default Avoiding I-81?

    Buck, could you suggest skipping I-81 and instead continuing on I-80 to I-380, then take that to I-84. I know it is a few miles more, but I find that section of I-81 through the Wilkes Barre area very congested (at all times) and there is still a bit of the reconstruction going on. I have driven it often, including this week, and I have to say, the 380 gives a much smoother run.


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    Default For 15 Miles? Sure!

    That little detour, using I-80 to I-380 to I-84 rather than I-81 to I-84, is only 15 miles longer. So if it avoids congestion and a bit of a grade, it probably is worth the extra few minutes it would take. I agree.


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