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    Hello kindly folk, myself and 3 other Brits are road tripping from SF to Vancouver though only have 4 nights to accomplish this feat! We sincerely wish we had longer though are limited due to commitments either end. Does anyone have any recommendations for great places to stay? Do you think its best to stop off at 2 places in this micro adventure? Or would there be time to have 4 nights in different places en route or would this be too much of a rush.. We are very much aware that there will be significant things missed but any suggestions would be so warmly welcomed!! We love the idea of log cabins, hot springs and tubs as a starting point. Thanks so much for anyone that contributes to this. Sam, Kate, Ian and Tom

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    Default Probably Best to Keep Moving

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You could conceivably drive the direct route between those two cities in two days meaning that you could spend your other two days staying put in one or two locations and just explore what's within a daytrip of those spots. But you'd almost certainly be better served by always heading north and staying in a different location each night, spending each day checking out new places and not wasting time returning to someplace you've already been at the end of the day. If you have four nights (five days) then evenly spaced stops would be Garberville CA, Port Orford OR, Lincoln City OR, and Lacey WA.

    You'll note two things. First, I'm assuming (and recommending) that you follow the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH, CA-1/US-101) for most of the drive north. It's the scenic route with lots of parks and interesting seaside towns. And you only have to drive about four hours each day, even on the slower coastal road, to keep on pace to reach Vancouver in five days, leaving plenty of time to stop at places of interest along the way.

    And here are some listings of hot springs in California, Oregon, and Washington.

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    Default Hwy 101.

    Highway 101 in CA will also take you through the Humboldt State Park and The Avenue of Giants. A stop here is so worthwhile to contemplate on how much these 500 - 1000 (and more) year old trees have seen. If only they could talk. There are a few short hikes away from the road, among the giants.

    You will also not be far away from the black beaches at Cape Mendicino, the most westerly point of the 48 States.


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    I'd also very highly recommend the coast road, except that the roughly 20 mile stretch of Ca1 from the coast to US101 at Leggett is a slow and tortuous road - I've marked it on this map:

    If the timing works for you, I'd recommend Gold Beach in southern Oregon (at the mouth of the Rogue River) as a good place for an overnight stop.

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