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    Hi everyone,

    We are contemplating a road trip which needs to start and end in Houston, TX. It'll be in June 2014 so I expect the weather will be 'warm'. What we like is the outdoors but it would also be nice to head to the beach at some stage. The ideas which have occurred to me are:

    1) Heading east, via New Orleans and going over to the beaches of Alabama. Potentially circulating round via Memphis and somewhere else on the way back?

    2) Heading west, via Austin and Big Bend, coming back via Corpus Christi. I think that trip is a little more appealing.

    Are there any other options and things we should consider - we fancy some time in the heat, but relaxing, seeing some countryside, and exploring.


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    Default The Pros and the Other Pros

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You can certainly make the case for either basic itinerary you've laid out and ultimately the choice between them will be up to you. Both fit nicely within in an eight day loop trip framework, and both have plenty of attractions, scenic, historic and otherwise, to keep you busy. So the best we can do is point out the major, and some of the minor, attractions on each of them and then let you make the final decision on your own.

    On the western loop through Texas, some of the highlights would be the Alamo and the River Walk in San Antonio, the music scene in Austin, the LBJ Ranch outside Fredericksburg, Padre Island on the Gulf Coast, and Big Bend National Park. I might try to include the coast on the first, westbound leg and then return on an inland route through Dallas, but again - that's up to you.

    On the eastern loop through Louisiana, highlights would include the Creole Nature Trail, the French Quarter in New Orleans, Gulf Islands National Seashore, FDR's Little White House, the Civil Rights sites of Montgomery and Selma, and Vicksburg.

    As you can see, there's no wrong choice, but I hope that laying out some of your options helps you make the one that best suits your needs and interests.


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    Default To add to the above.

    On the eastern loop, if you include Memphis, you could head back through Arkansas. Besides Little Rock, there are some wonderful drives through the Ozarks.


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