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  1. Default planning summer road trip 2014

    Last year's road trip was a success (From New York to Wyoming via I-80 and Wyoming to New York via I-70), thanks to roadtrip america. This year, we're planning to fly to Las Vegas from New York then drive to grand canyon, zion, etc with some side trips to LA or San Diego, Ca. We have 12 days to spend. Can you please suggest best routes, where to stay and what to do. Also, what can you say about renting an RV. By the way, there are 5 of us, me and my husband and our 3 teens. Thanks.

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    Default Once Around

    The RoadTrip you're contemplating this year is one of the more popular one's around, and is easy enough to lay out in its basic format. From Las Vegas, you'd head up I-15 to past St. George UT and then take UT-9 to Zion National Park and beyond to join up with US-89. You could at this point make a side trip north on US-89 to UT-12 east and Bryce Canyon National Park and back, or just go south immediately on US-89 through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to Cameron and AZ-64 westbound along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

    From the Grand Canyon you should head down to Flagstaff and use I-17 into Phoenix where you'd get on I-10 west. After getting through Goodyear AZ, take AZ-85 south to Gila Bend and use I-8 into San Diego. The obvious connection between San Diego and Los Angeles is I-5, then from LA. I-10 and I-15 will get you back to Las Vegas. Total driving time for the loop is around three days leaving you plenty of time to explore the various waypoints.

    Some suggestions for stops other than the obvious would include Lowell Observatory and the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rock country between there and Sedona, Balboa Park and a harbor cruise in San Diego, and the Mojave National Preserve on the way back to Vegas. You can also include the Hoover Dam as a day trip out of Vegas.

    In general, unless you have experienced and really like RVing, I wouldn't recommend it for the southwest in summer, especially not as a way to save money. Renting a couple of mid-range motel rooms each night will be more cost effective and give you a chance to spend at least a little time each day out of whoever's company is being particularly annoying.


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    Default A lifestyle choice.

    An RV is first and foremost a 'Lifestyle' choice and you need to decide if it's for you and your family. Personally we love the Lifestyle and for a family with teens it could be quite some adventure, especially camping in the National parks. The only thing with that is that they are very popular and RV sites are limited so you may find them booked out already. In the National parks lodgings are generally more expensive and campgrounds cheap, plus the fact that you would probably need 2 rooms would ease the financial burden of renting an RV. To be honest I wouldn't want to go near LA with one though, but having said that you could fill 12 days doing the 'Grand loop' from Vegas to include Bryce canyon and Monument Valley with the possibility of visiting Capitol Reef NP and driving through Escalante on Utah scenic byway 12 as well as Zion and the Grand canyon and others mentioned by Buck.

    Our RV trip to the GC started out from SF and we visited Yosemite on route, but the rest of the report found here will give you an insight into RV'ing around the Canyons and at the end you will find a list of Pro's and cons for RV verses car and Motels.

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    Default Rooms for five or more.

    Going with the hotel and car option, you don't necessarily need to book two rooms. This site has a listing of accommodation which caters for families of five or more. You may find it useful.


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    Default If a city bus can handle it -- it's a cake walk for RVers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    ...To be honest I wouldn't want to go near LA with one though,.
    What does this "fear" come from? Driving in LA with a RV is not a big deal at all. Thousands of RVers do it every day. There are some cities where navigating a RV can be considerably more challenging -- Boston, Montreal and New York City are the ones I consider the toughest -- but I've driven several sizes of RVs in all of those cities.

    Actually some of the national parks present more challenges to RVs than any urban areas....

    So.... don't be worried about taking a RV in a city. Remember this.... if a city bus can handle the streets than ANY RV can do it too!


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    Thank you. Your advice the last time i posted here were very useful. Our road trip to wyoming is one of the best trips we had as a family.

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    Thank you. We haven't tried RVing yet. But will definitely compare RV and car/hotels.

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    Default Just a choice.

    What does this "fear" come from?
    It's not a fear Mark, it's just a personal preference and opinion. If I want a City break then I would use a Hotel, if I want to go camping I think of the 'great' outdoors. Either way I would not consider LA a 'side trip' in an RV or car, I think of it as a destination, albeit one that does not appeal to me. That's the 'Lifestyle' choice for me and almost always, the 'great' outdoors wins.

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    For more pros and cons of RV vs. car+motel, take a look at this thread.

    My husband and I have done both. We consider ourselves on a long "between RV's" break right now -- we'd have one, if we could figure out where to store the thing. We contemplated renting one two summers ago, and the cost of renting it would have made our trip cost twice what it did. (Then we looked into the purchase of a used one, but our area of San Diego has few RV storage lots, and those that exist have premium rates! And that includes the military base storage lot, which has a waiting list.)


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    Lifemagician thanks for your input. i really need a site to check on the hotels in the area.

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