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  1. Default Ohio to Texas: spring weather in south.

    My husband and I are planning a road trip from central ohio to san antonio texas. I would like to go as far south as possible before heading west. I am nervous about the weather at this time of year. In louisiana and mississippi we are new to these areas and are not sure about traveling through that way or sticking to arkansas route. We are leaving ohio in mid-april and worry about heavy rain/thunderstorms in south. We won't let bad weather stop up necessarily but could avoid mississippi or lousiana if it is too risky this time of year.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm really not sure what your question is?

    When are you planning this trip, and what about the weather has you so nervous? Is that the reason you want to head south first (if that's the case, that's rarely the best approach for dealing with winter storms).

    I think we need to know more about your planned trip, and what you'd like help with for use to be of assistance.

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    In the future, please do not edit your post after someone has responded to it. It considered very rude on pretty much any internet forum, and just as importantly, it means people aren't going to notice your changes and it makes it much less likely that you'll get a helpful response.

    I'm not sure why you think that Louisiana or Mississippi would have any higher likelihood of seeing severe thunderstorms than anywhere else. If you do see a storm, it's usually a one evening type of thing, and you can always just get off the road a little earlier that day.

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    Default Ohio storms.

    In the last three weeks I have driven from FL, through AL, MS and AR. A week after that trip I drove through OH on the way to Boston. The only place where I saw any adverse weather, snow and rain storm, was in OH and MD. Maybe you are just nervous about the unknown without really having any facts to back up your worries.

    Just go for it, whatever way you plan to travel and accept the weather, whatever it turns out to be. As Michael stated, if it is a bad storm, get off the road and sit it out in a comfortable and cosy hotel room.


  5. Default Baton Rouge vs New Orleans

    We will be driving south from ohio through mississippi and plan to spend one night in louisiana. We are 50's married, kinda boring but not dead yet. Baton Rouge or New Orleans? Thank you.

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    ok did not have same question but you are right it is the same trip. thank you.

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