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    Default June 2014 St. Joe, MI to College Station, Tx

    Hi I am new to this site and was wondering if anyone knows any must see things on the way down. My girlfriend and I are going and dont need to take the most direct route if theres things to see. We have made this trip two times already and have been very bored on the way down taking i57. If anyone knows of any must see things please comment and let me know. We would love to find something to do on the way there or back. Last year on the way back went from College station over to Montgomery, AL up to Nashville and stayed a night and it was great. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any feed back would be great.

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    Default Plenty to see --

    Howdy and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. I used our Map Wizard program and found 26 RTA road trip published attractions within 50 miles of your likely route.

    Looking at few places right near the Interstate...

    James Dean Gravesite in Fairmount
    The Central Canal in Indianapolis
    Realfoot Lake -- nice hiking
    Memphis is a short detour -- Beale Street, Sun Studios, etc.
    Hot Springs isn't very far away -- it makes for a nice diversion

    How much time do you have for this trip?


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    We are going to be in Texas for 9 days and we will have 2-3 days each way down and back. I have looked at Hot Springs and that is definitely a possibility. Last year on our way back we went through the south and loved it, it was a lot better than going down 57 through Illinois.

    We were kind of wanting to change it up a little bit this time and for the way back we are going to go to New Orleans and sight see around there then head to Alabama then north from there. On the way there though there are a couple of options I'm thinking about, if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

    1. Take I55 through Illinois, Head through Missouri into Oklahoma then south to Texas.

    2. Take Old Route 66 from Chicago to Oklahoma City then head south to Texas.

    3. Head straight through Illinois, through Iowa to Lincoln Nebraska, then head south through Kansas and Oklahoma to Texas.

    Let me know what you guys think!


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    Default It's all on good maps.

    Justin, I'm guessing from your posts that you have not been travelling with, or even studied good paper maps, or a good road atlas. The number of attractions marked on them, along any route you choose, is numerous. As well as that - but not in place of good maps - browse through the planning pages of this website. It should fill you with enough sites for your next few trips.

    What may also help you is taking on board most of the points mentioned in this Journal page.

    [I like to travel with maps from AAA, a Rand McNally Road Atlas, and where I can pick them up, the individual State published maps. Even though much of the information is the same on all of them, each one seems to have something on it, which is not on the others. The problem usually is, that there are far too many attractions along any route I choose. My Garmin is mainly used to find specific addresses.]


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    With only 3 days to go each way, you can't get too far off the direct route or make too many stops. If you are just looking for a change from I-57, take US-31 to Indy, then I-65 down to Nashville to pick up I-40. Another alternative is US-31/I-70/I-44/US-69/US-75 to Dallas. Both those keep you far away from Chicago.

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    If you took the option of going down "old 66", bear in mind that much of it runs underneath I-55. There are a number of historical points of interest along it, that's for sure, including a Rt 66 museum or two.

    Also, parts of that route (old 66 through IL, MO, to OKC) are toll road (I-44 in Oklahoma).


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