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    Dear friends,

    I have spent the last week going through many informative posts related to my itinerary on RTA forum. I would like to thank you all for your time and effort to help people like me. The more I read it, more I want to extend my vacation but unfortunately I can't. I travelled Utah and Yellowstone for 2 weeks last year but I want to see more (like Arches) and some of them again. Could you please review my itinerary and provide any suggestions that you may have?

    Day 1 - Las Vegas (Travel to Las Vegas from NYC)
    Day 2 - Las Vegas (Shows)
    Day 3 - To Bryce via Zion (I spent 3 days at Zion last time but just want to drive through the tunnel) - Sunset and Sunrise
    Day 4 - Torrey - via route 12
    Day 5 - Moab (Arches)
    Day 6 - Moab (Arches and Canyon Land)
    Day 7 - Grand Canyon
    Day 8 - to Las Vegas
    Day 9 - Stay in Las Vegas (or proceed to Death Valley?)
    Day 10 - Isabella Lake via Death Valley
    Day 11 - Sequoia NP (Giant trees, Cedar Grove)
    Day 12 - Sequoia NP (Cave + ?)
    Day 13 - Cambria + Hearst Castle?
    Day 14 - Santa Cruz
    Day 15 - San Franscisco
    Day 16 - San Franscisco
    Day 17 - San Franscisco

    I am doing this trip in mid-may.

    Thank you.

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    Default Well Paced

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For a RoadTrip that covers a lot of ground, I'd say you've done a very good job of setting a proper pace that will let you see it all without feeling too rushed. Yes, you could always spend more time at each and every one of the sites on your list, but at least you have some time at each of them to actually hike around a bit, get a sense for them, and most importantly - create some lasting memories. Almost the only thing I see wrong is the rush to get from Moab back to Las Vegas. I think that this leg is a bit short changed when compared to all the others and you leave no time for Monument Valley or Goose Neck State Park in Utah, and precious little for the Grand Canyon. If you could borrow some time from either or both termini (Moab and Vegas) of that leg, I think you'd be doing your self a favor. And I wouldn't worry about Death Valley. You have the time for the drive through on the way to Lake Isabella, and temperatures in May typically top out 'only' in the mid 80s.


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    Default Great job.

    Hi, and welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    You are in for a great trip, but then, I suspect you already know that.

    The itenary looks pretty good to me. Only tweak I might do is -

    Day 6 - Will you be driving to Grand Canyon after visiting Arches and Canyonlands? You might like to stay east of the canyon.
    Day 7 - enter the canyon via Desert View Drive. There are numerous viewpoints along this drive which makes for a grand entrance.
    Day 8 - you could spend at the GC as well, and stay near the canyon.
    Day 9 - Drive through LV, over Hoover Dam and onto Death Valley. May is a great time to be in DV. It is hot, but not as hot as it gets later in the summer. Staying in DV would be a great experience, especially if you like to watch the night sky. Never seen so many stars.
    Day 10 - DV to Lake Isabella.

    If you want to do a tour of Hearst Castle, you will need to book ahead.

    Have a great trip.


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