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    Myself and 2 girlfriends are planning a trip from vegas to miami in June. We hope to take around 5-6 days to do this in.

    We really only want to stop a night in Dallas and a Night in New Orleans. We were just wanting some advice on which routes to take.

    Ideally we would like to spend half a day in dallas and new orleans.

    Any advice would be amazing :) thanks

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Basically it is 5 hard days of driving to get from Vegas to Miami, but the good news is that Dallas and NOLA would both make good stopover points anyway.

    You'll need 2 hard days on the road to get to Dallas, taking I-40 and US-287, with Albuquerque/Moriarty, NM ‎being where you'll need to stop.

    Its a nice 9 hour day on the road to get from Dallas to NOLA.

    From there, you'll just take I-10 to the Florida Turnpike, with Gainesville being a place you could stop for the night.

    What are you planning to use for a vehicle? One way car rentals can be very expensive.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    It will take you 2 full days to get from Las Vegas to Dallas, 1 full day from Dallas to New Orleans, and 2 full days from New Orleans to Miami. This is going to be hard fitting in those half days.

    Take US-93/I-40/US-287 to Dallas.
    Take I-20/I-49/I-10 to New Orleans.
    Take I-10/I-95 to Miami.

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    Default Forget the tolls.

    I wouldn't bother with the Turnpike. I-95 and I-10 are excellent roads. A couple of weeks ago I saw the congestion on the Turnpike while we were flowing quite nicely on I-95. Much of the southern part is now three lanes each way. Take I-295 S around Jacksonville. Lake City is a good alternative to stop with lots of accommodation options.


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    So we have been doing some planning,

    we were thinking of leaving Vegas early morning doing the drive to white sands. have an overnight stop there then the next day get up and drive to Texas. We were thinking driving to Dallas for a night then after Dallas back on the road and head to Houston for a night. After Houston we were going to go to new Orleans for a night and finally a days driving to Orlando then a night there before our final destination in Miami. Does this sound achievable?

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    Default The straw that broke the camels back.

    As mentioned, Vegas to Dallas is already two hard days on the road and is slightly over what we would recommend for a 2 day journey to do safely and to keep things reasonably enjoyable, not exhausting. Adding over another 100 miles to make a detour to White sands, which you won't have time to see, would be the straw that breaks the camels back. Add to that the fact that White Sands is nearly 750 miles from Vegas and far to much to accomplish on the first day of a multi day journey and you are setting yourself up for a miserable time. NOLA to Orlando is also a long day on the road and further than we would recommend also for safety reasons and making the days driving enjoyable rather than exhausting. Gainsville would be the ideal location for what would be considered a good day on the road, possibly pushing on to Ocala.

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    As Dave mentioned, driving 750 miles to White Sands should not be considered an option for a single day on the road. Nearly as bad, you'd still have a very long day on the road to get to Dallas the next day.

    Really, you need to keep in mind that even if you sprint to Dallas - just making 2 hard driving days to get there - you're still going to get into Dallas late and won't have time to really see anything in the city that day.

    One things I'd really keep in mind is that you don't have to stop in Major cities. Every small and medium sized city on the Interstates will have motels to pick from. For example, the first night - if you want to get to Dallas in 2 days - would actually be the small town of Moriarty, NM - about 45 minutes past Albuquerque. It's a town with only 2,000 people, but it has more than a half dozen motels to pick from, and it is as close as you can get to the halfway point between LV and DFW. When you're trying to cover 600 miles a day, that doesn't leave time for nightlife anyway, so there really is no advantage of stopping in a larger city.

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    To tag onto what Michael suggested above, about no need to really plan to spend a night in a large city: my husband and I try to avoid staying in large cities unless there's a reason to do so. I can count the ones we've stayed in, on the fingers of 2 hands, and there was always a reason. If we could make it another 50 miles to a small town, we preferred that. Sure, there may not be nearly the amount of motels to choose from (maybe 4 or 6 as compared to several dozen), and definitely not as many restaurants. Yes, the bigger cities have the nightlife, but if you are moving on the next day with a long drive ahead of you, getting on the road at a decent hour is a better idea than "sleeping in". When we have 500-600 miles to drive the next day, it's early-to-bed, early-to-rise. (Unless we are heading east, we like to be on the road at dawn, or even at daybreak. If we are heading east, sometimes we head out in the dark and then stop for breakfast when the sun is at the point in the sky where it's right in your windshield.)


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