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  1. Default Suggestions for my first RV experience - West USA - 10 day trip

    Im new at this forum but have read lots of comments in the last month. Im from Spain.

    Once read about pros/cons on traveling by RV in west coast USA, I am planning to make a trip in a rented RV next summer. Yes, it will be my first RV experience, but the decision is go for it! We are a family with 3 kids (12-10-8)

    My plans are:

    Day (August 10)- San Francisco Yosemite

    Day 2 - Yosemite - which parking should I go for q 2 night stay?

    Day 3 - Yosemite - Sequoia Ntn Park

    Day 4 - Sequoia - Las Vegas

    Day 5 - Las Vegas

    Day 6 - Vegas - Lake Powell (stay in a hotel, to overcome RV fatigue!! ;)

    Day 7 - Lake Powell (is it worth it going there?)

    Day 8 - Lake Powell - Grand Canyon - which entrance/parking?

    Day 9 - Grand Canyon

    Day 10 - long drive: Grand Canyon - LA (too much?)

    My questions would be:

    Which parking should I use in the different parks I am staying at?

    Am I being too optimistic with distances on what I want to accomplish?

    Should I skip coming back to LA? I could drop off in other city but must have an airport. Need to fly back to Miami

    Any suggestions more than welcome

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    Default Thoughts.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The best place to camp with your RV is right in the National parks, although you should note that RV sites are limited in number and are in high demand so you should look to book a site as soon as you possibly can after the booking window opens. This is usually 6 months in advance but you can check the site for specific dates.

    If you are planning on visiting Sequoia NP then you could go from there to the Grand canyon South rim and end your journey in Las Vegas for the flight home, it would be an easier and less stressful drive then trying to get to LA in a day. Although I doubt you will suffer from 'RV fatigue' you could turn in your RV on arrival and stay in a hotel for a couple of nights, it seems a waste to be spending all that money on an RV and then pay for a night in a Hotel.

    In Yosemite one of the 'pines' campgrounds in the Valley are well located and at the South rim there is the Trailer village or Mather Campground, both close to the village and rim.

    Would you have spent time in SF before departing ? It takes time to do the paperwork and introduction to your RV and if you were planning on flying in, picking up the RV and get to Yosemite, that's a lot to ask.

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    Thanks a lot for your response.
    In SF I will stay for a coupe of days in advance, so planned to have time to receve the RV ( i expected 3hours...)
    Looks better you option from Sequoia to Grand canyon. Do you think the rout shold be then:
    Yosemite-Sequouia-Grand C-Lake Powell - Vegas?

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    Default Yes.

    Yes, that's about it based on what you want to see, although you would need an overnight stop on route to the Grand canyon from Sequoia, perhaps around Kingman.

    You could include a night in Zion NP after Lake Powell and then back to Vegas on I15.

    So day 4 Sequoia > Kingman [?] Day 5 Kingman > Grand canyon. Day 6 Grand canyon. Day 7 GC > Page [Lake Powell] Day 8 Page > Zion NP. Day 9 Zion to Las Vegas. Day 10 Las Vegas.

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