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  1. Default Suggestions for Chicago to NYC with young kids

    I'm taking my two young sons (7 & 9) on a road trip from Chicago to NYC, and am curious if there is anything cool along the way that we could enjoy. Cool old motels, local diners, weird attractions, etc. I've done the drive many times on my own, but with the kids, just thought I would reach out & see if anyone had a suggestion or 2. Route 6 through Pennsylvania looks cool, but might be a little slow/boring for them, where just going straight through on 80, they'd get the same thrill of seeing "mountains"

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Route 6 has so much to offer.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    What exactly is it that prompts you to say that Route 6 'might be a little slow/boring for them'? Boring is a state of mind, and certainly not a road or route, at least not in the US, and especially not in PA. Have you been to the Route 6 website? The site of the route which is more a destination in itself, than a route to ..... anywhere. Without reference back to the several times I have driven it, the places which come to mind immediately are the Grand Canyon of PA and the Kinzua Bridge park. The latter being full of history of this magnificent bridge which stood for more than a century, only to be taken down by a tornado a decade ago. You can still get onto part of it, and all its history is still there for you to marvel at. Besides learning about the part the bridge played in the transport of the day, it also puts into perspective the part the Erie canal played.

    There are many other attractions along this route, and yes it is slower, but ever so interesting. The children will learn a lot about the geography, history and geology of the region.... if you give them a chance.

    The many small settlements along the way are bound to offer some unique dining and accommodation experiences.

    Here is an article which you might find interesting.


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    Sorry, I probably worded it poorly, as it was late. After posting, I found the website for it, and you are right - it looks to have everything you mentioned! Looking forward to checking it out - now just deciding if we take it on the way there, or back :)

    Thanks for the response.

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    Default Creating memories.

    A further tip to help make the trip memorable for the three of you. This tip came from the teacher of my then five year old granddaughter, years ago. Have the boys each keep a journal of the trip. Something even the smallest child can do. [My four year old grandson still takes me through his journal from the trip to Britain, twelve months ago. With each telling he remembers the experience and place. The London Eye is just a circle with a stickfigure in it, but to him it is the memory of going on this giant ferris wheel.]

    At the end of each day, sit down with the boys and get them to recall their most memorable moments of that day... without your prompting. These can then be recorded in a note book or on pages to put in a plastic pocket display book. This does not have to be pages of writing, as in writing a diary. It can simply be the entrance ticket to an attraction, a leaf picked up along a walking path, a photo of something admired (do the boys have their own cameras?), even a brochure explaining a place, and maybe a line or two explaining the items and places. As many as they like. Just anything at all which will help them remember the joys of the trip.

    Do it every day, even those days which are mostly spent driving, with minor stops. You could of course keep one yourself as well. It would not only set a good example, but would give you something to look back over in years to come. [As I read over my journal of a previous trip, it is as if I am reading the experiences of another.]

    Since this was suggested to my oldest grandchild, all the grandchildren keep journals of all the trips, even two or three day journeys. It has taught them to look for things of interest which they may want to remember and share later on. Some of the grandchildren have a shelf full of journals. After the trip to Britain the six year old shared his journal with his grade 1 class mates in 'show and tell'.

    Have a memorable trip.


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    just a bit different route might be considered....take the old Lincoln Highway all the way from Chicago to NYC....have the kids and yourself do some research about what to see along the way....a lot of history and a great experience too...(basically, the Lincoln Highway is the same as US 30 but try to stay on the old route which goes through Philly take 27 north into NYC

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    Default More thoughts on PA.

    Thinking of your trip with your boys, as I drive through PA today.

    It is a few years now since I visited the Tunkhannock Railway Viaduct at Nicholson PA. I am sure the boys would be awe struck, especially if there were a train to pass over it. Not sure if you can check its schedule. There is also an unofficial path up to the top, where folk have obviously climbed.

    Not too far away, at the Berwick visitor centre you can get information on a self drive tour of the covered bridges of Bedford County - some of which you can drive over - and also Gravity Hill, where you can roll your car uphill. Well, only just, but it actually does. Should be intrigueing for the young men. It certainly was for this grandmother.

    I think, from memory, the information is about half way along in that link.


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    Default A few more tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Pecard View Post
    Thanks in advance.
    Family road trips can be THE best. Here are some well-tested tips for planning great family trips.


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