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    Hi everyone,

    Firstly this forum is fantastic, I've taken in so much useful knowledge to shape my trip in May. I would be grateful for some advice on the second half of my trip as I don't want to plan a route that is going to exhaust me!

    After a week in LA and Vegas, I'm planning on driving to San Francisco over two days with one night stopover. Now, where is the best place to stop over for the night? I was hoping to do a night/half a day in Death Valley National Park but after some research I'm thinking the remainder of the trip to SF will be too long?

    After 3 nights in SF, I will then be driving back down to LA to catch my flight home. I'm once again planning a one night stop over during this route. Is Monterey good option or is Santa Barbara better?

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When in May are you planning to take this trip? It actually makes a pretty significant difference.

    You could drive from Death Valley to SF in a relatively long day on the road, but its still possible, if you plan to drive directly there. However, Are you planning to visit Yosemite NP as part of your trip to SF?

    If I were you, I'd give yourself at least 2 nights so you can visit both DV and Yosemite. Now, how to do it depends upon when in May you're traveling. Tioga Pass, across the Sierras into Yosemite, typically doesn't open up until at least mid-May into June (but with the light snowpack this year, I'd guess it will be on the early side of things).

    If you're traveling after the pass opens, you could spend one night someplace like Lone Pine or Bishop, then spend a second night inside Yosemite. If you only give yourself one night, you could still make this drive, but you wouldn't have much time to explore either National Park.

    If you are traveling before Tioga Pass opens, then I would look to head to Lake Isabella and spend the night in that area, before heading to Yosemite for night 2.

    Heading down to LA, I'd actually look at staying around Cambria or Morro Bay, which is a little closer to halfway than either Monterey or SB.

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    Thank you!

    I'll be leaving Las Vegas on the morning of Friday 23rd of May. Any additional stop overs during this part of the trip would shave off one of three nights that I had planned to stay in SF. No, I'm not currently planning to visit Yosemite as part of the SF trip. If the pass is open, how long would the DV -> SF drive be?

    Thanks for the Cambria/Morro Bay tip, will check them out.

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    If the pass is open it will be a beautiful drive, but it would be a shame to just blow through Yosemite without seeing everything the park has to offer. If you do want to go that way, I would try to make it at least as far as Bishop for your overnight. Bishop to SF through Yosemite would be about an 8 hour drive with no significant stops.


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