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  1. Default October honeymoon. Las Vegas to Sanfran to Las Vegas

    Hi guys,

    Im a newbie to this forum but i'm hoping i can get some assistance.

    Mt Fiancee and I are going to the USA in October for our honeymoon, the plan is to fly into Vegas on the 6th stay for one night and then drive to SanFran and aim to arrive for the 13th. We then plan to stay until 19/20th and then make our way back to Vegas to for around the 24/25th before returning to the UK 27/28th.

    We plan to have pre booked accommodation in both Las Vegas legs and also San Fran but plan to stay in Motels in between.

    My questions are; what routes do people recommend we take? (we want to travel back a different route to the one we take on the way there) What kind of prices would we be looking at for Motels? Are there places we should avoid and are there places people recommend we see?

    Also are we better to hire our car from the uk end or when we arrive?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default The Basics of That Trip

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This is a RoadTrip which, in one form or another, comes up often in these forums. So have a read through those previous discussions to start to get an idea of all that's available to you for your honeymoon trip. October would be an ideal time to see Yosemite with few other tourists 'cluttering up the joint', but it will be cold and CA-120, the entrance road from the east through Tioga Pass, can close for the winter early, so plan on doing your trip counter clockwise to make the most of the season you'll be here. Very roughly, then, your route would be up through Death Valley (Again, fall is a great time to visit - it's cooler!), Then CA-190 over to US-395 up along the east slope of the Sierra Nevada, over Tioga Pass into Yosemite, perhaps up through Sacramento and Napa Valley to Can Francisco. Then return by first heading down the Big Sur coast on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH, CA-1) to San Luis Obispo or Santa Maria where you can head inland past Carrizo Plain National Monument to Bakersfield and then use CA-58 and I-15 back to Las Vegas.

    Fortunately, October is a relatively low season for tourist travel in these areas, so prices shouldn't be too outrageous. Still, California is a relatively expensive state to travel in. Gas will run about $4.00 per gallon (I know that sounds cheap to someone used to £/l pricing, but all the same...) and motels will run anywhere from $75-$100 per night on average. But of course all prices are subject to change. And our European friends generally can do better on the rental car pricing by going through local (European) consolidators such as carhire3000, among others.


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    Default The National parks.

    It would be a shame not to visit the Grand canyon National park and witness a sunset while on your Honeymoon. Following on from Buck's suggested routing you could head from the coast to the Grand canyon before heading back to Vegas. You would probably want to break the journey with an overnight stop, perhaps Kingman and then plan on at least one night at the canyon before making your way back to Vegas, which could include a detour through Seligman on route 66 and a stop at the Hoover Dam.

    I would plan on spending at least 2 nights in Yosemite Valley as well, this really is a special place and ideal for such a special occasion.

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    Default To add some more.

    You could head back inland from the coast at Cambria, and visit more of the great national parks of the South West - Sequoia NP and Kings Canyon NP, before heading to the Grand Canyon - highly recommended - and back to Vegas. Check out the National Parks website for more information on all these natural wonders.


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    Thanks everyone for your responses. There's some great information for us to start our planning. If we get together a basic itineray would people be happy for me to put it up here so as people can check that we're heading in the right direction and not travelling unnecessary miles etc?

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    Of course! We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    So heres what we have so far...

    San Francisco 1 Night, then 86 miles to Sacramento for 1 night then 177 miles to Yosemite for 2 nights then 154 miles to Bakersfield for 1 night then 111 miles to Ridgecrest for 1 night then 161 miles to Furnace Creek for 1 night then 131 miles to Las Vegas for 3 nights then 240 miles to Palm Springs for 2 nights then 126 miles to San Diego for 1 night then 135 miles to Long Beach for 1 night then 90 miles to Santa Barbra for 1 night then 325 miles to San Francisco for 4 nights.

    We are als0 looking for somewhere on the coast to stop between santa barbra and San Fran to break the trip up.

    Does this look possible and are we missing anything?

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    Default A few thoughts.

    Cambria or the Monterey area would be popular choices to break the journey to SF on the spectacular coast highway. As mentioned, the Grand canyon would be quite a BIG miss, but not if it doesn't fit into your plans. Is there any reason to stop in Bakersfield and Ridgecrest ? Again, if it fits into your plans then all is good, but to be honest I would probably just stop the one night on route to Death Valley, probably around Lake Isabella. If you were to stop twice then Sequoia NP would be a good choice for a detour.

    I would also consider adding a night in San Diego and perhaps spending one less in LV or SF, it just seems a bit of a way to travel there for just one night.

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    Hi Dave,

    We do plan on seeing the Grand Canyon during our stay in Vegas.
    Would the drive not be too long if we cut either Bakersfield or ridgecrest out? We only did it that way thinking the drive may be too much, however neither place are anything more than a pit stop. Same with Sacramento.

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    Well to be honest I was going to ask about Sacramento , it's a bit out of the way for a pit stop. You could head straight to Yosemite even if you stopped in a town outside of the park such as Groveland. The drive from Yosemite to Death valley with one overnight wouldn't be too long in my opinion and Lake Isabella would be a good compromise for one stop. On your last day at Yosemite you could spend the night in Oakhurst to shorten the onward journey even more, although it wouldn't be strictly necessary.

    If you are planning a trip to the Grand canyon by a Vegas tour company then be aware that most tours only go to the west rim on Indian lands and is not part of the National park and it won't show you the spectacular part of the canyon made famous through film and photography. To see the 'real' wonder of the world you will need to go to the South rim and this is more than a day trip from Vegas and you should plan a night here and thenm continue to Palm Springs.

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