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  1. Default From Las Vegas to San Francisco in late april, route?

    I am planning a trip from Vegas to SF in the end of april. I have done a lot of research and have come up with the following route:

    From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, down to Flaggstaff and further on to see 2 guns, then down to Needles, CA via the old route 66( Oatman road). From Needles, down to Joshua tree nathional park on HWY 95, Palm springs, OR continue west from Needles on I40 to Barstow, via the old section of route 66 (via Amboy) and then head down to LA. From La, highway 1 to SF.

    Time to spend: 7 days.

    What do you think? I love Ghost towns:) Any good suggestions?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Are you renting a car? It would be helpful for us to know that, as some ghost towns will not be accessible to those who rent a car.

    Also, it might behoove you to reverse your trip -- start by going SOUTH on the PCH/Hwy 1. That's because the ocean, and thus the viewpoints, will be on the right hand side of the road as you drive south -- makes them more accessible and not dangerous.


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    Thank you :) Yes, im renting a car in Vegas and returning it in SF. The tickets are allready ordered, so I cant reverse my trip unfortunately.
    What is the reason not being able to access some ghost towns with a rental car?
    (I booked a Mustang Convertible)

    Im from Norway and this will be my first time in the west. :)

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    also, I have only one thing that MUST be seen. That is the Grand Canyon. Besides that, Im open to alternative routes. 2 Guns also looks very exciting, and it wont be too much of a detour from Williams after visiting the GC.

    How about driving through Death Valley and head straight for SF skipping LA?
    Is that more worth seeing than my other routes?

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    Default Yosemite valley.

    Some ghost towns are only accessable by driving along unpaved roads which would violate your rental agreement so you would have to check this out.

    If you went from Vegas to Grand canyon and then through Death valley you could drive along the west side of the Sierra Nevada and visit Yosemite National park which is quite amazing. Note that you will have to go via Bakersfield as the Tioga Pass over the mountains will be closed due to snow accumulation on the high ground. The waterfalls will be flowing in the valley making a spectacular sight. I would opt for this over LA any day, but then I love the natural wonders and am not keen on the City. You could still drive through Death valley and head to the coast around Morro Bay and around Big Sur to SF while skipping LA, it really is a case of what appeals to you the most.

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    Something like this:!3e0

    I could also skip LA but still go for the Needles route, oatman, Amboy, Barstow and then head straight for HWY one north of LA.? I dont know...

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    Your map looks good, and I have a couple suggestions.

    The quickest way from Las Vegas to Death Valley is take NV-160 west to Pahrump, then Bell Vista Avenue to CA-127 at Death Valley Junction, then CA-190 into the park.

    Instead of taking CA-14 all the way to CA-58, you can cut across CA-178 through Lake Isabella to get to Bakersfield. To get to CA-46 west, go north on CA-99.

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    Thank you for that:) I have edited my route.

    The main question now is whether I should take the death-valley option or the Oatman road-Needles-Twentynine palms-route.(I40 from Kingman) Which will be the most interesting route?

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    Is 1300 miles way to much in 6 days? Should I consider opting out something?

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    Default If it suits you....

    That would equate to an average of four hours driving per day. If you are comfortable with that, then yes, it is OK.


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