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  1. Default Road trip from Toronto to Calgary through USA

    Hi Guys,

    Iam very happy to join this forum.
    I have a good mazda 6 2010 model with not a lot of mileage on it.
    I am going solo from Toronto to Calgary in few days through USA.

    Plan is:

    Toronto to Chicago: stay 2 nights see all the attractions (May stay an extra night if cant see most of the good stuff there)

    Can you please guide me to rest of the trip? Which route I should take to drive 10 hours a day and see most of the attractions in USA on my way to Calgary. Go through Montana? or get out of USA into Regina?

    I don't have any time or money issues so please guide me accordingly and also which MAP i should use?
    I have a tom-tom installed in my iPhone for USA and Canada.

    Also I took a CAA membership in case I breakdown.

    Many thanks for your help


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    Default West (and North) from Chicago

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your best bet from Chicago is to just take I-90 west for starters. There are a number of great scenic and historic sites in western South Dakota, northwestern Wyoming, and southern Montana, all relatively close to that highway including the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD, Wall Drug, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore National Monument, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Wind Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument, Devils Tower National Monument, and Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument to name a few. You'll also get within visiting distance of Yellowstone National Park if you have two or three days to spare to see that huge and amazing park. Then just short of Butte MT you'd take I-15 north to Wolf Creek MT, then US-287/US-89 north to the border and AB-2 for the final leg into Calgary.
    That's a good three and a half days of driving after Chicago plus any time spent getting to and seeing any of the many attractions (I couldn't even start to list all the state and local parks, national forests, and national wildlife refuges) along the way. Be sure to use CAA and AAA for their 'free' maps and Tour Books besides just as an emergency road service, after all you're paying for those items as part of your membership as well.


  3. Default Road trip from Toronto to Calgary through USA

    Thank you so much.
    I will do that. There are good hotels on the way?
    So if I see all those attractions how many days will it take?

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    There will be plenty of hotels at many of the Interstate exits. Where there's a town on or near the highway, there's usually hotels.

    As Buck said - 3.5 days plus whatever time you spend at attractions. I can't predict which attractions you would choose to visit, much less how much time you would want to spend at each.

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    How about I94 all the way to butte Montana and then I15 all the way to Calgary?
    Thanks guys I really appreciate your replies.
    I am a first timer through USA....

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    I wouldn't take I-94, and I-15 doesn't go all the way to Calgary.

    Exactly what are you asking?

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    You really need to look at a good map of the USA and decide on what attractions you want to see and how long you are prepared to take for the journey. Once you have those places marked on the map you can work out a route of how to best join them up. There will be limited access into Yellowstone at this time of year so I would check there website before travelling there. We will be happy to help you with routing but until you decide what you want to do there is little we can help with in a meaningful way.

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    Default An option via Glacier N P.

    A few years past took a road trip from USA to Canada via Glacier N P which was very scenic and interesting.

    From Missoula travelled via Glacier NP - Going to Sun Road - to Canada passing through a remote Customs Station and on to Waterton Lakes NP. Then on to Fort Macleod and old fort where Mounties were stationed. Also stopped at Smashed-Head Centre where buffalo were driven off a cliff as a way off getting food.

    And then on to Calgary. Just a another route to consider.

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    I-15, being part of the US interstate systems, indeed stops at the border of US-Canada. From there, you follow Hwy 4 up to Lethbridge, where you can either continue on a series of other small highways, or head west to Fort Macleod on Hwy 3, then up to Calgary on Hwy 2. We did the reverse during our Alaska vacation, coming into Calgary from Banff on CAN-1 then south.

    If I recall, I-15 through Montana was very windy, and usually is during the summer.


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    Remembered the remote border crossing on USA / Canada line - it was the Chief Mountain Border Crossing. It is seasonal and opens 15 May this year. A very scenic part of the world.

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