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    My boyfriend and I have 5 days for our spring break and are wanting to take a decently priced road trip to anywhere. I've considered Louisiana, Texas, and Nashville.. Maybe even Arizona, but I'm not really sure. Any thoughts?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is certainly no shortage of possible RoadTrip destinations, far more than can possibly listed here. And that's the problem. You've given us absolutely nothing to help trim that impossibly long list down. Not where, exactly, you're starting from. Not what your interests are. Not any travel style preferences. Not any budgetary constraints. Nothing. About all we can tell you at this point is that with five days from central Arkansas, you can realistically hope to get almost anywhere east of the Rockies with the possible exception of New England.


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    I'd have to agree. Short of knowing what you want out of the trip, there's not much to suggest.

    However, have you actually sat down with some good paper maps (such as available at AAA) of the States you are considering? You would be surprised with just how much information good maps contain. Besided National and State Parks, National and State Forests, you will find historical and georgraphical information and the occasional mention of quirky touristy attraction. Depending on your interests, it is bound to give you some idea as to which way you want to head. Then if you have specific questions, we can help you refine the details and fill in the blanks.


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