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    Default Bridges, Tunnels and Viaducts

    I've had a question on another Forum from a fellow wanting to do Route 66 pulling a 33 foot Holiday Rambler. He's concerned about narrow or low bridges, tunnels and viaducts. Is anyone aware of some kind of trucker's atlas that provides this information?

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    I think Rand McNally's Truckers Atlas may have some information about low clearances and other restrictions, but the problem is that it would be limited to Interstate Highways. I suspect finding that information for US and State Highways, especially a decommissioned highway like Route 66, will not be as easy to find.

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    Default Ask the locals.

    Travelling all of route 66 is obviously not going to be a speedrun. Why not suggest that he check with the locals at the places along the route. They are probably the most underestimated resource. He will soon learn where to detour, and where he can breeze along.


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    Default A few tips and resources

    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie H View Post
    Is anyone aware of some kind of trucker's atlas that provides this information?
    I pulled out my Rand McNally Trucker's Atlas and it provides low clearance notices for every highway in a given state that is also designated as a truck route. (It's not just for Interstate highways). In addition, the state DOT for every state has a phone number to obtain bridge heights for most highways.

    In addition, I know several RV'ers who have traveled the total length of the route and I don't recall any of them making comments about this.

    Guy Randall still has the most complete data about general road conditions -- plus your friend could probably contact him directly if he doesn't find what he needs on Guy's sites.

    The only detours that will likely be necessary will be where the old right-of-way is now closed to all traffic.

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    Thanks to all for the help.

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