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    Default Help Please : Houston, Texas road trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Hi, I am moving to Vancouver, BC, Canada, from Houston, Texas, this June. What would be the best options and highways to drive to get there, one way? I don't need to rush up there, but a comfortable trip is what I have in mind. You all have been a great help to me for road trip advice - RoadTripAmerica is the best planning site ever! Thanks for your help again.

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    Welcome back!

    If you are not going to be doing sightseeing and want the most efficient way to get there, the following route plots out as the fastest:

    I-45 to just south of Dallas
    US-287 through Fort Worth to Amarillo to Dumas
    US-87 to Clayton
    US-64 to Raton
    I-25 to Cheyenne
    I-80 to SLC
    I-84 to Hermiston
    I-82 to Ellensburg
    I-90 to Seattle
    I-405/I-5 to the border

    This is about 2500 miles, at least 4 days, 5 or more recommended, especially if you will be driving a moving truck or towing a trailer.

    About 40 miles longer, but recommended if you are driving a vehicle that can't handle strong winds very well, would be to stay on I-25 to I-90. I-80 across WY is usually pretty windy due to it being a high plateau.

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    Default A Good Mix

    When you ask a software mapping routine to give you directions, you are at the mercy of whatever criteria the programmer thought were important, usually nothing more than: What's the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B? With only a little more thought, you can easily make a custom routing that takes not much longer, uses more scenic roads, and gets you within visiting distance of some nice attractions. Fortunately for you, you're going to be covering some very interesting ground and the difference between what some software would suggest and what I'll suggest are only slightly different.

    I'm going to suggest the following: After taking I-45 up to just south of Dallas, take US-287 through Fort Worth and all the way up past Amarillo to Dumas TX. Next up US-87 to Clayton NM and US-64 to Raton and I-25 north. At Fort Collins CO you can either stay on I-25 to Cheyenne and get on I-80 there or use US-287 (again) as a cut-off to I-80 at Laramie. Stay on I-80 into Utah where you'll have the same sort of option of staying on I-80 into Salt Lake City and I-15 or using I-84 as a cut-off to I-15 at Ogden. In either event, take I-84 when it splits off from I-15 in northern Utah and follow it up into northeastern Oregon where I-82 will take you up to I-90 at Ellensburg. When I-90 ends in the Seattle area, your last bit is just I-5 north to BC-99 and Vancouver.

    Such a route would take around five days at a nice relaxed pace, but with only minimal stops at various places en route. If you can add a day or two to that, then you can start looking at spending additional time at places like the Red River Valley, Capulin Mountain, Rocky Mountain National Park, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, the Great Salt Lake, Bruneau Canyon and Sand Dunes, and the many other scenic area, wildlife refuges, historic sites and museums that dot any route.


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    Glc and AZBuck, Super thanks! OK, I studied the routes you recommended and I think this is going to be a fine trip. Also, thanks to your detailed park info along these highways at another link, AZBuck, I now plan to take a couple extra days.

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