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    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum and am in search of some advice for our big road trip this September. Here is our plan....we thought that we would fly into Vegas (flights should be cheaper to go there), rent a car, then we want to go see the General Sherman Tree and to the Sequoia National Forest and plan to spend 2 or 3 days visiting whatever is in that area. Then we are planning to visit San Francisco for a day (I have already been there but my brother and his wife are going with us and just want to see the Wharf and ride a trolley :-) . We have an Uncle in Sacramento and thought we would spend the night nearby and maybe have dinner with him and head north towards Crescent City and see that park up there. Our goal is to spend maybe 3 nights up there and head back southeast. We would have to stay a night somewhere, about 1/2 way to the Grand Canyon. We thought that we would stay somewhere near Kanab, Utah for 4 nights, go to the north rim of the Grand Canyon and so some other site seeing and hopefully relax a bit....then head back to Vegas and on home. I know that this will be a TON of driving and running in 2 weeks but that is what we are planning. So give me some trip tips friends, we need all the help that we can get!

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    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Your trip is doable in the time you have but you seem to have forgotten about the actual travel time as you have accounted for all your 14 days and that's if they don't include your flight days. The General Sherman tree is in Sequoia National Park, not the forest, so make sure you check out where you are headed. ;-) You have not mentioned Yosemite which is an amazing park and if you plan to spend 3 or 4 days between Vegas and SF it's certainly worth checking out.

    Crescent City is quite a way out from the rest of your planned trip and when you consider places like Death valley, Yosemite, Zion and Bryce canyon National parks much nearer to your route, I think it could be time better spent, but of course it's for you to decide.

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    Why Thank you for your input Dave. I do know that the General Sherman tree is in the National "Park"...I was in a hurry, sorry. Yosemite is another desired stop. We know where we are headed, just interested in some tips/advice/input on our trip. I also know that Crescent City is quite a bit away but my brother wants to see the Redwoods also, so that is our plan. We only have a 2 hour flight and plan to take off running as soon as we get our vehicle, so we have that considered. I have also checked on the travel time to each destination and have it as part of our plan. We realize our goals are ambitious but hopefully doable.
    So now that we have cleared all of that up :-) any other ideas?

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    If you are using mapping software to get your travel times, add 20% for reality.

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    Default Plan to save some miles and time.

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadTripper_Shellie View Post
    I also know that Crescent City is quite a bit away but my brother wants to see the Redwoods also, so that is our plan.
    There is absolutely no need to go as far north as Crescent City. The Humboldt Redwoods SP is a magnificent place to see the giant redwood trees, hilighted with the magnificent Avenue of Giants and the drive through tree. You could then choose to stay in Fortuna, just north, or any of the places south of the park. Backtrack on 101 to Redwood Valley, and cut across on 20 to I-5.

    It would be a much more efficient use of your time. I doubt you would see anything in or on the way to Crescent City which will surpass the Avenue of Giants.


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    thanks Lifey, that is exactly the type of input that I was looking for! I will definately check that out!

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    like your brother the redwoods near Crescent City are not to be dismissed so easily. The 10 mile scenic drive through Jedediath Smith Redwoods State Park along Howland Hill Road through all the old growth trees takes some beating, together with a half mile walk around Stout Grove. Blew my socks off.

    Decisions, decisions…….

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