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  1. Default Planing RT Miami To Wy

    Hello evryone .

    Im new on this forum , as a new traveler I need lot of help and everyone told me to get it here with the experts

    We are planing a summer trip ( JUN_JUL) from Miami to Jackson hole WY . the trip is around 2500 miles .
    Im a self-employed so time shouldn't be an issue but it is . Cant leave the business for more than 10-12 days ...
    Here it is the plan ...

    We are planing to drive those 2500 miles in 2 1/2 days . Two drivers ...
    My SUV has a big space on the back which can fit a mattress so we can take turns every 500 miles on the first 1000 ish miles for the first day - this should take around 15 hours @ 65 mph avg . take a nap in a hotel during the night
    2 day leaving early should be able to cover another 1000 ish miles , take a nap during night
    depart on the 3 day should be able to cover the last 500 miles in half day .

    Is this possible .. Is there anything im not counting that could delay it . We had never drive so far however we are avid drivers , I drive around 200 city/hwy miles daily . My wife love to drive .

    Any advise highly appreciate

    Thank you

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    Default No it isn't possible.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sorry but this a real bad idea and one that has the making to ruin lives, yours and those that share the road with you. A thousand miles in a day would be extremely wreckless but to then attempt to do it again a few hours later and then another nearly full days drive after that is suicidal. It does not matter that you have 2 drivers [in this case it wouldn't matter if you had three] as firstly 2 people need to be awake at all times or else the driver is left alone for hours on end with the risk of falling asleep or suffering with 'Highway hypnosis'. Secondly, it's nigh on impossible for the second person to get any decent sleep in a moving vehicle that they have been cramped in for many hours. Third, it would be illegal and again extremely dangerous to have some one asleep on a mattress in the back without being buckled up. Even worse with an exhausted driver at the wheel and a fatality waiting to happen.

    To add to that you would have to be touching speeds of 90 mph while tired to achieve an average of 65mph over such a long period of time, you will need more fuel, food, gas and bathroom stops and take longer to clear your mind and stretch your limbs when you do stop. This is without considering congestion or construction delays that are quite possible. It is only just possible to do this drive in 4 days in a safe manner, which is around the legal limit that professional drivers are allowed to do and would certainly be pushing the limits of what any human can manage. Driving a couple of hundred miles is easy, loving to drive can be fun, but doing 600 miles a day, day after day is challenging mentally and physically. It has been proven that a fatigued driver is as much danger as a drunk driver, so before you decide to attempt this and ignore advice, ask yourself this. Would you drive 200 miles after 6 pints of beer because you felt 'OK' ? I hope not, but attempting this would be just as irresponsible.


    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but it's reality and I wish you safe travels !

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    Default red flags and misconceptions

    I completely with Dave. The plan that you've laid out is extremely dangerous, and simply won't work in real world conditions.
    My SUV has a big space on the back which can fit a mattress so we can take turns every 500 miles on the first 1000 ish miles for the first day - this should take around 15 hours @ 65 mph avg . take a nap in a hotel during the night
    There are very many problems with this idea. Ignoring the point Dave already made about how dangerous it would be to have someone sleeping on a mattress in back while traveling at 70+ mph and how that still isn't likely to result in quality sleep, but it also makes the common mistake of thinking that if one person can drive 500 miles, then you should be able to switch and drive another 500 miles. That ignores how fatiguing it is to be cramped up inside a car for the first 500 miles, which makes it impossible for the second drive to be at their best, and certainly makes them an unsafe driver well before they finish the second 500 miles. The advantage of having two drivers is gained by frequently switching drivers, keeping each person a little fresher and more attentive behind the wheel, which allows you to somewhat extend your safe driving distance - but even there, you can't expect to safely travel the kinds of distances you are talking about. It's not about how much you enjoy driving, its about how much the human body can safely do.

    As Dave mentioned, 65 mph is not something you can average over the course of a full day on the road, once you factor in the bare minimum of stops, even if you are spending most of your day cruising at 80 mph. 1000 miles on the road is not something that you can do in 15 hours, such a drive requires a bare minimum of 18-20 hours on the road, especially when you keep in mind that the longer the distance, the more often you should be stopping.

    Of course, that comes up to the other issue that back to back 1000 mile days simply aren't possible to do safely, really under any circumstance. If you were trying to get to a destination that was 1000 miles away, and started a trip fully rested, and got an early start, you could probably get there in one piece - It still wouldn't be recommended, but make no mistake, you wouldn't be in any shape to do anything significant the day after, and you certainly wouldn't be in a condition to be a good driver at all that next day. It is very much like doing a sprint vs. a marathon - you can run with everything you've got over a short distance, but if you start a marathon the same way you treat a 100 yard dash, you won't make it past the first mile, much less cover all 26. A 2500 mile trip is a marathon, and if you try to sprint 1000 miles the first day, there simply is no way you could be a safe driver for the remaining 1500 miles to your destination, not to mention, you'd be an exhausted mess for your entire vacation.

    As Dave said, even doing this trip in 4 long days each way is pushing things a bit, and you shouldn't even think about trying to do it faster, as it will be both dangerous and counterproductive. If driving 8 days, to leave you 2-4 days in Jackson doesn't sound appealing, then perhaps a fly/drive trip, heading perhaps to Salt Lake City or Denver and would work better.
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    Experience story here --

    My husband and I decided to leave in the wee hours of the morning one year to embark on a trip into northern CA, OR and WA. We are in San Diego, and decided that our first stop would be in Sacramento. This was a camping trip (tent). The plan was, one would drive, the other would sleep.

    Hubby did well for the first 4 hours. Then he knew his body was starting to get sleepy. So he pulled into a restaurant, we had breakfast, and it was my turn to drive. I had NOT slept very well in the car at all, between bumps and everything else that highways give you. So I was driving at daybreak, and wasn't completely rested. Hubby tried to sleep. We finally pulled into our first overnight, which turned out to be considerably north of Sacramento and more than 700 miles from home -- 14 hours after we left. We were terrifically tired, but we pitched a tent, threw the sleeping bags in -- and promptly took 4 hour naps, waking in time to cook up a meal.

    So ... no, you're not going to make 1000 miles in 15 hours. Not going to happen, even if you don't have a monstrous city between you and your destination like we did. You can't sleep in a car -- even if you think you can, it won't be the restful sleep that your body requires.

    BTW, this was about 28 years ago, so we were young and thought we could do it. We determined on that trip, NEVER AGAIN to drive so far in one day. Now, 600 miles is our limit.


  5. Default

    The reason I asked here is cause I know the advise will be the correct .. While I was reading I realized everyone is right and I was trying to convince myself to do something which is impossible and not safety .
    I guess the RT will be a FT ( flight trip) cause I dont have 4 days to spend on the road each way ...
    Now I felt a little disappointing but safety comes first ..

    I may flight to a near localization (600-700 miles from Wy ) then drive from there , at least I wont completely miss the rt ..
    Thats the price to pay for living in SF , everything is very far from here
    Thank you everyone

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    I think a fly and drive will work much better for you.

    But I wouldn't worry about getting "600-700 miles away," its not like the quality of a roadtrip depends upon the miles traveled. Worry about going to places you want to go and seeing things you want to see. I mentioned SLC or Denver, as they are both hubs where you could find reasonably priced airfare, and set you up with a lot of options in addition to just going to Jackson (and Yellowstone, I'd hope?). Certainly, there are lots of other national parks to check out in Utah, Colorado, and possibly even checking out South Dakota's Black Hills and Badlands, depending upon where you start, your interests, and how much time you want to devote just to Jackson.

  7. Default

    I start looking for an airport 600-800 miles away from Wy . could you advise which route will be more interesting .


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    Default A Fly/Drive to Wyoming

    Michael has already named th3e two best airports for such and adventure: Denver and Salt Lake City. Denver is the larger hub and is somewhat closer to you, so I would start my search for flights there. It's a bit farther from Jackson but still just within a day's drive.

    On a loop from Denver to Jackson/Grand Tetons/Yellowstone and back you could take in Rocky Mountain National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Cody, the Thermopolis Hot Springs, as well as various museums, national forests, and national wildlife refuges.

    On one from Salt Lake City, there would be the Great Salt Lake, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Flaming Gorge, Dinosaur National Monument, and again - museums, forests and wildlife refuges.

    You should have a look at the major sites along both loops and see which one you'd find more enjoyable. Then we can help you map out a precise route to see those that appeal to you.


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    I'll also add that while both places are well under the 600-800 miles you're asking about, looking that far out almost puts you back to the same place you were before.

    Figure you're going to burn most of the day in an airport - especially when you factor in security, car rental, baggage, etc. If you're looking 600-800 miles away, you're going to need almost 2 days to make it to Jackson, assuming you want to actually stop and see some things along the way (and if you don't, then why fly so far from your destination?). That's 3 travel days to get there, and you're practically right back where you started!

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    Salt Lake City is the closest major hub to the Yellowstone area, but you could also check on airfares and car rental rates to smaller closer airports such as Billings, Bozeman, or Butte. Odds are that any flights to those small airports will require a plane change in either DEN or SLC.

    In fact, Jackson itself has an airport, but I'm betting airfares and car rentals are sky high.

    SLC to Jackson is about a 6 hour drive via the most direct route. It's just over 300 miles. There would be some good sightseeing if you could dedicate a full day for the drive each way.

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