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  1. Default Chicago to Mount Rushmore over a weekend


    I am looking forward to see Mount Rushmore over a weekend and I need to travel from my place in Chicago to the memorial. I see that it is around 14hrs drive from where I live. I will be the only person on this trip.

    I would need some advice from the members as to how best to approach it. I recently did a cross country from Chicago to Los Angeles during Thanksgiving 2013 and know some parts of the route.

    But it would really help me if I have more information about the route and things to see there at Mount Rushmore since I won't be having any companions with me this time.

    Thanks in advance :)

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    I'm sorry, but if all you have is a weekend, the only way you can do this trip, especially as a solo traveler, is by flying to Rapid City.

    It is not a 14 hour drive, it is about a 16 hour drive, if you don't stop for anything other than fuel. More importantly, it is a full 2 day drive. There is not a single person on the planet who can make the drive in one day without putting everyone on the road, including themselves, in danger. That doesn't include the pure insanity of having to turn around and repeat it again to come home in the same weekend!

    Heck, it would probably be cheaper to fly too! Please don't even think about trying this, seeing a monument is not worth risking countless lives.

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    Default A long weekend needed.

    Agreed, you would need a long weekend, Friday to Monday, leaving Friday morning to arrive Saturday lunchtime and then depart Sunday early afternoon to arrive home Monday evening.

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    Default It doesn't make sense.

    Driving the best part of three days, to see Mt Rushmore for a few hours, does not make sense to me. Doing it in any less time, you'd be exhausted when you get there, and barely have a few hours to 'see' it, before making the exhausting return journey.

    And then what? Turn up at school or work, exhausted?


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