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    Default Phoenix to Seattle --PCH Highway101/1 RV trip

    Hi Guys

    Starting a trip from Phoenix to Seattle using most of PCH highway 101 and highway 1.

    I will take I-10 to LA and than drive coastal road (highway 1) as far as I can before moving into highway 101 till SeaSide, Oregon.

    I have a large RV Cruise America 30 feet and know that highway 101 is good and OK for TV (have driven a Toyota Sequoia in 2012 from Portland to San Diego), however, I don't about the stretch of highway 1 for large RV (Cruise america supplied 30' RV).

    Can some one please let me know if Highway 1 is OK for the RV? (will i manage sharp turns on highway 1) etc.?

    Appreciate the quick reply and hope all goes well tomorrow.


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    CA-1 both south and north of SF is drivable in a 30 foot RV, but it's going to be very slow going. Remember to be courteous and use the turnouts.

    Personally? I'd rather deal with the PCH than go through the middle of LA to get to it.

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    Thanks I heard from Fort Brag to Leggett side is really tough for RV.

    GLC, for LA, I don't think I have any other option but to drive into it, Only supportive thing is that I am driving it on a Sunday.
    Any preferred (quite route) to cross into LA, if I am driving from Phoenix (I 10) side?

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    Depends on WHERE you are going in LA. If it were me, I would come in on I-10 to I-215, then CA-60 West. CA60 is a lot less congested than I-10 or CA-91, two other routes that go west. CA-60 will eventually dump you onto the 10 again, but after you've avoided most of the most congested areas.

    If you can, avoid the junction of I-405 and US-101. It's one of the worst in the LA Mess!


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    The question is - how far north are you willing to join the coast highway?

    Yes, the far north stretch of CA-1 from where it leaves the coast and climbs up to Leggett is pretty rough.

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