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  1. Default March "Spring break" road trip - NYC to South carolina - 1 week


    We have 1 week in mid-march and we would like to do a road trip from NYC to SC. We like outdoorsy activities, like hiking, visit museum and landmarks and enjoy local food. We are thinking to make 1 night stop in Washington DC to visit a friend but no need to stay longer to visit as we have already been several times. We may also visit a friend in Clemson University in SC if it can be added to nice area to visit but not necessary. We are planning the trip from Monday with return on Saturday evening or Sunday morning at the latest.
    The idea will be to have time to hike, visit vineyards, beaches, landmarks without rushing and having too much to drive everyday.
    Would you have any idea of a nice itinerary? hotels to stay (nice hotel/bnb/resorts)? awesome local restaurant/shack to eat?
    Thank you in advance for your feedback and recommendation.

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    Default Some Ideas

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The east coast RoadTrip is one that comes up relatively often, and so one for which I've developed a fair set of recommendations of things to see. That should get you started, or at least let you see what some of the major attractions are. In your case, you could take either the inland route or the coastal route down and the other back up to New York. A good connecting route between Clemson and the coast would be the Savannah River Scenic Byway.


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    Thank you for your reply. We may go down by the coast and return to NYC by the mountain (if the weather becomes a little more spring and less snowy).
    Would you have any hotel/bed and breakfast recommendation? (our budget allows us to stay at nice hotels).
    I am thinking:

    NYC - DC = 4hrs drive
    DC - Chesapeake bay, VA = 5 hrs drive
    Chesapeake bay, VA - Beaufort, NC = 4hrs drive
    Beaufort, NC - Myrtle beach, SC = 3 hrs drive
    Myrtle beach, SC - Clemson Univ, SC = 5 hrs drive
    Clemson, SC - Charlotteville , VA = 6hrs
    Charlotteville, VA - NYC = 6 hrs

    Could you please let me know what do you think about this road trip schedule. We would like to have enough time to do another activity everyday on top of the drive (such as visiting museums, hiking, landmarks, vineyards visits, outdoors sports).

    We are staying with friends in DC and Clemson Univ but if you know any cute b&bs /romantic hotels, please let me know

    thank you for your help,

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    Default Itinerary/Schedule

    Your schedule and itinerary look pretty good, but I do have a couple of suggestions. It looks as though the bulk of your RoadTrip will be southbound along the coast with the northbound portion being pretty much a two day drive back with fewer, if any, stops. You might want to consider doing it the other way round so that your longest drives are when you are fresh and so that the actual coastline is on your side of the road as you head home, making pulling off to see it easier. Otherwise, it all looks good and you're not trying to do too much

    Unfortunately, my experience with finding accommodations in this region is a bit limited, because this is the area where I was born and raised and I have lots of family with whom I stay when I return for visits. My wife and I do tend to stay at B&B's and rentals-by-owner when we travel and for short term stays have had very good results by using Airbnb. My wife usually picks the places and says that she judges them mostly by the decor and the effort the owners put into their properties and website.


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