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  1. Default MAY Road Trip - CA to NY (1 spot open) - Must have gas $375+


    1 Spot available. MAY 2014

    Vehicle: 2000 Saab 9-3 2.0T Convertible with 75k + towing semi-enclosed 4x8 trailer.
    (power jacks, leather interior, cd player, navigation, convertible top, heat, cruise control, A/C, it all works, its a fun touring car)

    About the driver: I've made this trip a few times; it's easy and lots of scenery to see. I have a clean driving record, white, male, 29 years old and not so much as a speeding ticket. I am a professional that works in IT. I have accumulated well over 200,000 combined lifetime driving miles in passenger cars, as well as over 40,000 miles on motorcycles. I have spent considerable time driving in all driving conditions. I do not speed when towing. My vehicle is maintained regularly and I have a premium AAA membership and other resources to cover me to the destination in any case (tows, car rentals, its all covered in some way). I'm not very talkative when I drive, but I am open to all kinds of music so you can generally play whatever you want. I have a 40 lb dog; she gets along just fine with everyone and does not cause any problems in the car.

    Destination: Utica, NY (dropoff point negotiable on east coast)
    Leaving from: Angels Camp, CA (pickup negotiable)

    **2 Possible routes to choose from:**

    Northern Route Highlights

    Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    Little Bighorn Battlefield (Custer's Last Stand), Montana
    Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming
    Crazy Horse Memorial
    Mt Rushmore, South Dakota
    Minuteman Nuclear Missile National Historic Site, South Dakota
    Badlands National Park, South Dakota
    I90 through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

    Central Route Highlights (I40, the old Route 66)

    San Diego Area, California (visit my USMC friend at his house for a few days)
    Las Vegas Area, Nevada (nipton, goodsprings, nuclear testing museum, hoover dam)
    Grand Canyon, Arizona
    Sky City, New Mexico (cultural center, and possible tours)
    Texas Panhandle
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Washington DC

    Estimate Miles: 3,800
    Estimated Travel Time: 5-7 nights (longer if needed or wanted for sightseeing)

    Male or Female OK.
    No Pets and no children.
    Nights spent camping.
    Food will be wherever you want me to stop, usually fast food for myself, mcdonalds and the like, or we can get adventurous.
    Detours and/or sightseeing for passenger needs are possible if full fuel cost of detour is covered in advance.
    Passenger is strictly limited to 3-5 small to medium sized bags due to weight restrictions.
    Total passenger + baggage weight cannot exceed 350 lbs for any reason. Anything up to that point is acceptable.
    (realistically the passenger will be sharing a small convertibles trunk space, my trailer is already at capacity)
    Passenger must be fourtwenty friendly!!!
    Passenger must be 21+ years old.
    All shared fuel costs will be due in full, in advance, in cash, on the day of departure.
    Passenger will not be expected to drive; and likely will not be asked to for insurance reasons.
    Passenger will be required to wear deodorant and will be supplied with some if they do not! lol
    Passenger will not be expected to navigate or aid in planning, but is welcome to suggest destinations en-route.
    Passenger will be required to wear seat-belt at all times.
    Smokers welcome, but no hard drugs.

    Estimated Passenger Cost: $375 + half any campground fees, road tolls, national park access fees, etc.
    I will require that the full $375 shared fuel cost be paid at the time of pickup, but nothing prior to that.

    Costs are non-negotiable. California to New York, and you get a say in everywhere we stop in between.


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    Default Welcome.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Good luck in finding a road trip buddy, sounds like a fun trip.


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    3800 miles in 5 days and you do all the driving?

    No further comment needed.

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    Default In fairness.

    Estimate Miles: 3,800 Estimated Travel Time: 5-7 nights (longer if needed or wanted for sightseeing)
    The OP only estimated the time and stated 5-7 nights which is 6 to 8 days and also said "longer if needed or wanted". I would say that you need a minimum of 6 nights and 7 days travelling to keep the trip safe and sane, more for any sight seeing.


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